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Retail Inventory Management

Manage your retail inventory, across multiple stores, using just smartphones.

No expensive scanners

Orca Scan's simple iOS and Android apps lets your employees use their own devices to:

  • Maintain real-time inventory
  • Perform cycle counts
  • Sync data with ePOS systems
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Orca Scan web application and mobile app

No need for on site IT

Manage the entire inventory process remotely, from anywhere in the world!

  • Configure 100’s of devices from the web
  • Monitor results in real-time
  • Track inventory changes on an employee level

Sync with your POS without code

Retail pos and back-office systems
shop floor barcode mapping

Track inventory at location level

Creating a separate sheet for each location and use Sheet QR Codes™ to switch locations with a simple scan

  • Scan in batches with location QR codes
  • Control user permissions by section
  • Analyse data by section, bin or location

Connect all your retail outlets

multi retail chain inventory tracking

Ready to modernize your retail inventory?

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