Winesecrets facility tracking

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Company: Wine Secrets Inc

Headquarters: Sebastopol, California

Industry: Filtration technologies for wine producers

California-based Winesecrets are using Orca Scan to gain efficiencies in three ways:

The great thing about Orca Scan is that it's not just one specific system, it's like a hammer, I can use to hit everything.
Peter Nudi Winery Mechanic Winesecrets

California-based Winesecrets help wine producers make better wines and build more efficient and environmentally sustainable wineries. We had the privilege of visiting Peter Nudi (Winery Mechanic) at their 47,000 sq ft production facility in California's Wine Country to observe how they're using Orca Scan and brainstorm ideas as to how we could improve the system for them.

Here’s the detail:

Data-driven asset and inventory tracking

A systematic inspection of equipment is essential to maintain the high operating efficiency of their machinery, by detecting and correcting potential failures before they happen. To do this, they use multiple Orca Scan Sheets ? Sheets are custom Orca Scan configurations that act like online spreadsheets, allowing multiple users to collaborate in real-time, from any smartphone across their production plant:

Vehicle tracking

configuration of Orca Scan for vehicle tracking

Winesecrets initially started using Orca Scan to track the movement and usage of their vehicles, replacing a paper-based logbook.

The process is as follows:

As the data is synchronised in real-time, Winesecrets now has up to date visibility of their vehicles at a glance via Cloud Sheets.

Inventory monitoring

Winesecrets also use Orca Scan to monitor the inventory levels of industrial components required by engineers to service their systems.

The process is as follows:

This simple 2 step process, not only provides engineers with a real-time view of inventory levels but also detailed maintenance information such as how often a particular system component was changed - helping to identify potential issues.

Future use cases

During our time with Peter, he suggested a number of improvements that would allow them to use Orca Scan in other areas of their business. We very much look forward to working with Peter on them changes and revisiting Winesecrets again in the future.

Thank you

A BIG thank you to Winesecrets for finding the time to help us understand how they use Orca Scan and brainstorm how best to continue this journey of simplifying barcode technology.