How to update your sheets from an external system

Requires a Business subscription plan

What is a WebHook In?

A WebHook In (also known as incoming WebHook) allows data within Orca Scan to be updated by an external system as events happen.

How does a WebHook In work?

Every Orca sheet has its own unique WebHook In URL; external systems can send data to this URL to add, update or delete a row within a sheet.

Create a new Orca Scan cloud sheet

Data must be sent as a HTTP POST in JSON format and contain a ___orca_action key, for example:

Add a new row

The following example adds a new row to a sheet, setting the value of Barcode, Name, Quantity and Description

{ "___orca_action": "add", "Barcode": "0123456789", "Name": "New 1", "Quantity": 12, "Description": "Add new row example" }

Update an existing row

The following example updates an existing row in a sheet, setting the Quantity to 75 where the Barcode = 8511207696421

{ "___orca_action": "update", "Barcode": "8511207696421", "Quantity": 75 }

Note: if the row to be updated does not exist, a new row is created.

Delete a row

The following example deletes a row from a sheet where Barcode = 8511207696421

{ "___orca_action": "delete", "Barcode": "8511207696421" }

How do I get the WebHook In URL for my sheet?

To get the unique WebHook In URL for a sheet, simply:

1. Select a sheet

Select the relevant sheet or create a new one

Select Orca Scan sheet

2. Open Integrations

Open sheet Integrations from the toolbar

Opening the sheet integration menu

3. Activate WebHook In

Activate WebHook In by clicking the on toggle.

Activate WebHook In

4. Copy WebHook In URL

Click copy to the right of the WebHook In URL to copy the value to your clipboard.

Copy WebHook In URL

You can now share this URL to allow developers/systems to update your barcode data.


You can secure your WebHook In by providing a secret. When set, the HTTP Header orca-secret must be provided with each request. Requests that do not match the secret set on your sheet will be rejected with a 403 Forbidden.

WebHook questions?

We're happy to help troubleshoot any issues you might have connecting Orca Scan to your system, simply chat with us live or drop us an email.