How to import barcode data into Orca Scan

You can import your asset or inventory data into Orca Scan using a Microsoft Excel .xlsx file. Your data must be in the first sheet and include a Barcode column that contains a unique barcode for each row.

When a barcode is scanned from the mobile app, it will search your barcode column for a match, if it finds one the row data will be returned to the device.

1. Use an Excel file

At present you can only import .xlsx files - the default Microsoft Excel format.

2. Include a Barcode column

Ensure your sheet contains a barcode column so the system knows which columns to search through for a match.

3. Keep it clean

Your Excel file should not contain any irrelevant information such as logos or merged cells. Ideally, it should resemble the example below:

Example of an Excel file ready for import
Example of an Excel file ready for import


Import error: “Failed to fetch”

Try reloading the browser and import the file again.

Import error: “Your spreadsheet must include a barcode column”

You need to add a column to the filed with the name “Barcode”. You can always change this once the file is imported.

Next steps

Questions about importing files?

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