How to scan barcodes into Google Sheets

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You can create a real-time link between Orca Scan and Google Sheets by creating an Orca Scan cloud sheet. Scanned barcodes and data entered from the device will then be available in your Google Sheet - removing the need to import/export data.

If you've not done so already, to your online Orca Scan account and create a Cloud Sheet. Once you've done that, use the following 3 steps to connect your sheet.

  1. Get the export link from your Orca sheet
  2. Add the IMPORTDATA formula
  3. Paste the export link

1. Get the export link from your Orca sheet

Click Settings on the Sheet you want to set up

Orca Scan cloud sheet settings

Activate and copy the link

Copying the Orca Scan unique sheet URL

Now, over to Google Sheets...

2. Add the IMPORTDATA formula

Place the curser in the A1 cell and add the =IMPORTDATA=( formula to the first cell of your sheet.

Typing in the IMPORTDATA formula in a Google Sheets cell

3. Paste the export link

Now add the export link from Orca Scan within the brackets =IMPORTDATA("replace-with-your-orca-sheet-url-here.csv") - be sure to include the quotation marks!

Pasting Orca Scan export link into Google Sheets cell

Hit enter and wait for your data to load.

Showing result of all scanned barcodes in a Google spreadsheet

That's it!

You're done. Your Google Sheet will now mirror everything in your Orca Sheet. So if you add, update or delete a row inside Orca Scan, Google will automatically pull them changes into your Google Sheet.


  • Google pulls data from your Orca Scan every 60 minutes.
  • Clearing your Orca Sheet will also clear the data from your Google Sheet


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