How to track inventory using barcodes

Inventory barcode scanning template

Two important points to consider when implementing an inventory management system, (1) most products today already have a barcode, and (2) your entire workforce is already carrying mobile computers (a smartphone). Orca Scan leverages these two facts to help you roll out a custom inventory system, company-wide, in minutes.

How to track inventory using Orca Scan

The Orca Scan Inventory Tracking template is a pre-configured Orca Scan sheet with the fields required to set up an inventory management system; BarcodeNameQuantityLocation, and Date. You can add additional fields to capture more information as needed.

To get started:

  1. Download the Orca Scan barcode app
  2. Create a new sheet using the Inventory Tracking template
  3. Scan a barcode on a product
  4. Enter the quantity (optional location)
  5. Save the changes

You can now share your sheet with teammates, allowing them to search your inventory or scan items into and out of stock from any device. In addition, the barcode history log lets you see how your inventory changes over time by tracking updates from all users.

Why is inventory tracking important?

Inventory tracking helps companies understand what products they have in stock and which location. Inventory typically has a value on a company's books; carrying too much stock can be a risk. Likewise, discovering you do not have an item in stock when a customer or teammate needs it could cost you business.

What if an inventory item does not have a barcode?

For inventory items that do not have a barcode, you can generate and print barcode labels from the Orca Scan web and mobile applications.

The Orca team have helped hundreds of companies implement a barcode inventory system from scratch, often replacing paper-based systems. So if you need help brainstorming how best to track your inventory, get in touch; we'd be happy to help.

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