Query your system on every scan via HTTP

Requires a Business subscription plan

A Lookup URL is the easiest way to connect Orca Scan to your system. We'll send a HTTP GET request to your server each time an item is scanned. If you return a JSON object with keys matching the columns in your sheet, we'll pass that data back to the mobile device.

1. Create a new sheet

Create a new Orca Scan cloud sheet

Let's start by creating a sheet called Vehicle Checks using the Vehicle Inspections template. The goal is to allow users to scan Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) using the Orca Scan mobile app and view associated information held by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

2. Edit Sheet Integrations

Opening the sheet integration menu

Once created, open the Integration Settings by clicking the sheet menu on the newly created tab.

3. Add your Lookup URL

Sheet lookup URL input

This is where you would enter the URL that points to your system. For this example, enter https://decode.orcascan.com/vin


You can provide a secret that will be sent to your server as a HTTP header with every request, allowing you to determine if the incoming request is from Orca Scan.

4. Test your Lookup URL

Sheet lookup test result

You can now test the Lookup URL by clicking the Test button. This will send a HTTP GET request to your server with the querystring barcode=value and display the result.

Note: you must return a HTTP 200 response within 750ms, otherwise it is ignored.

5. Save the changes

Save sheet integration settings

Finally, save your changes and you're done.

6. Scan a VIN number

You can now open the Orca Scan mobile app, select the Vehicle Checks sheet and scan any VIN number to view NHTSA information. Try the following:

Lookup URL questions?

We're happy to help you troubleshoot any issues, chat with us live or drop us an email.