New features, fixes and improvements requested by Orca users

Added Orca Variables dropdown

24 Dec 2022

were designed to make it easier to extract data from barcodes as they are scanned, and move that data into the relevant field.

To remove the need to read the docs every time you need to do this, we’ve added Orca Variables as a dropdown list to the default field in the Orca Scan web app.

Simply right-click any column in the Orca Scan web app, go to the default value and type $

Zapier integration is now in BETA!

16 Dec 2022

With Zapier, you can scan barcodes into thousands of apps, to do things like upload products to your . Follow our or and we’ll help you get setup.

We’ve also released a mobile app update (v11.9.0); which includes:

And finally… We’ve taken barcodes back to basics in our 👈

That’s all for now; let us know what you’d like to see next

Using triggers with signature fields

16 Dec 2022

Released a mobile app update ; which includes:

Improved Orca Variables

14 Oct 2022

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve improved so it’s even easier to extract barcode data.

Small bug fixes

12 Oct 2022

Just a few more bug fixes ;-)

Better stability

22 Sep 2022

This update fixes a stability issue (thanks ChiChi)

Improved support for slower connections

18 Sep 2022

Quick fix: we’ve increased the amount of time allowed to pull cloud data to better support slower connections. Let us know what you’d like to see next

Fixed bugs with triggers and photos

14 Sep 2022

This update fixes a bug where triggers do not detect when a photo is added.

Return modified data

18 Aug 2022

A few more tweaks:

Bug fixes for $ decoding

4 Jul 2022

This update fixes a bug decoding barcodes that contain $ (thanks Curtis)

A visual refresh

24 Jun 2022

To celebrate national barcode day, we’ve introduced a new look… same great product, just a little prettier

Fix UDI decoding issues

26 Mar 2022

This update includes:

Extract barcode data with Orca Variables

21 Mar 2022

We’ve introduced Orca Variables to make it easier to extract data from barcodes, add $GS1:GTIN or $HIBC:PCN as a default value and scan a UDI barcode (more info at )

We also fixed a few UI issues.

Improved trigger functionality

9 Mar 2022

Conditional if-this-then-that triggers will continue to work when “Add detail after scan” is disabled.

This means you can speed up scanning by disabling the detail screen and only show it when needed using a “Set Required” trigger. More info at

Added support for UDI barcodes

8 Mar 2022

Hello, this update includes:

As always, let us know what you’d like to see next

Improved UI and some bug fixes

27 Jan 2022

This update includes:

Improved image quality for photo fields

23 Dec 2021

This update includes:

Increase scan region

19 Dec 2021

As requested, this update allows you to increase the size of the scan region.

Faster scanning

8 Dec 2021

Our new scanner allows you to scan barcodes much faster than before.

Bug fix when scanning UPC barcodes

7 Dec 2021

This update resolves a bug when scanning UPC barcodes (thank you Michelle)

Photos are finally here!

22 Oct 2021

You can now add images of your items. Whether you want to show proof of delivery, capture a photo for quality purposes or show product variations, it’s now possible!

Capture multiple values from dropdowns by editing a field/column and enabling multi-select. A few ways you might use this:

Improved export

1 Aug 2021

Hi there 👋

We’ve improved data export, you can now choose columns, date format etc… Hit export to give it a try. Thanks to David Gati for the suggestion 🙏

Improved permissions, faster GPS and more

20 Jul 2021

We’ve improved … admins can now alter a sheets structure 🚀

without wiping your sheet 💪

Create an Any Field to monitor all fields:

Improved scanning on PDF417 scanners

16 Jul 2021

Improved ability to scan PDF417 barcodes (thanks Mike)

Better support for non-GPS devices

14 Jul 2021

GPS is now optional, so you can install on devices without GPS

Now supporting Datalogic scanners

12 Jul 2021

Added support for Datalogic barcode scanners (thanks for the nudge Nathalie)

Import without clearing existing data

1 Jun 2021

Hello 👋 as requested you can now append rows to a sheet, without clearing existing rows and history 🚀

Or replace all data as usual… The choice is yours 🙂

BIG thanks to Elaine for the suggestion.

Create medical sheet templates

30 May 2021

Scan any medical device and we’ll automatically extract serial number, lot number and expiry date into the relevant fields. We’ll also warn you when you scan an expired product.

Create a new sheet to give it a try.

We’ve introduced to make extracting values from barcode data into separate fields easier. Add an Orca Variable as a default value to one of your fields and start scanning.

Print barcodes in 3 taps

25 May 2021

We’ve made it a little easier to print barcodes from the .

You can choose from the following types:

Easier to print barcodes

21 May 2021

We’ve made it easier to print barcodes (tap print next to barcode field)

Email and signature bug fixes

12 May 2021

A couple of bug fixes:

A UI fix or two

10 May 2021

Fixed a couple of UI issues (thanks, Nick)

Light Theme, Triggers And More

4 May 2021

Some of you reported difficulty seeing Orca Scan in sunny climates. To remedy this, we added a light theme 😎

You can now use the value of any item within a trigger simply by wrapping the column name in [square brackets]

In case you missed it, you can use to show/hide fields, set up notifications and break barcodes into multiple columns 🤖

We’ve made it even easier for external systems to , and items from your Orca sheets by providing a unique URL for every sheet.

Light theme added to mobile app

1 May 2021

A few of you reported difficulty using the Orca Scan mobile app in sunny climates. To remedy this, we’ve added a light theme :

Let us know what you’d like to see next 👋

Print barcodes from mobile, in 3 taps

1 May 2021

We’ve made it a little easier to print barcodes from the mobile app:

Let there be light (theme)

1 May 2021

Introducing… Light theme (settings > use light theme)

Fixed date/timezone issues

19 Apr 2021

We’ve fixed the date/timezone issue. Thank you to Clark and others for raising this. Let us know what you’d like to see next

Templates, hardware are more

14 Apr 2021

We added templates to help you track more, faster. A few of our favourites:

Medical Device Tracking

Scan UDI barcodes on medical devices, and we’ll populate the make, model, expiry date etc.

Drug Tracking

Scan FMD barcodes on drug packaging, and we’ll populate batch, lot and expiry dates.

Vehicle Tracking

Scan VIN barcodes, and we’ll populate make, model, location etc.

Book Cataloging

Scan ISBN barcodes on books, and we’ll populate title, author, number of pages etc.

Orca Scan now works with the , , and range of hardware scanners 💪

And finally… you can now reorder your sheets by dragging the tabs 🚀

Improved print representation of sheets

13 Apr 2021

A few more tweaks:

Draggable sheet tabs

1 Apr 2021

Quick update; you can now reorder your sheets by dragging the tabs 🚀

Improved GS1 support for extracting barcode data

27 Mar 2021

This update includes the following:



Bug fixes with Unique ID field types

22 Mar 2021

This update fixes a bug when using a Unique ID field type as the barcode field

App loading bug fix

21 Mar 2021

Quick update to resolve a random loading bug when starting the app (sorry about that)

Fix print barcode issue

7 Mar 2021

Quick update to fix the print barcode issue (long press an item in the list to print a barcode)

Introducing templates

19 Feb 2021

We’re super pleased to introduce templates! Simply create a new sheet, select what you’d like to track (Inventory, Books, Medical Devices etc), and we’ll set up your sheet with all the fields you need to do a great job :)

HIBC support for medical users

19 Feb 2021

This update includes:

View deleted rows

1 Feb 2021

Hi there, just a quick update.

You can now view deleted items, and see who deleted them, when, and from which device. Simply hit the History button on the toolbar and select the Deleted rows tab:

Happy scanning 👋

Supporting Linea Pro Barcode Sled (Infinite Peripherals)

8 Jan 2021

Orca Scan now works with the Linea Pro Barcode Sled from Infinite Peripherals. BIG thanks to Israel & Jose for the suggestion.

Use row values with Triggers

8 Nov 2020

Hello again! This update adds a few features you requested:

Use column values in Triggers

1 Nov 2020

You can now use the value of columns in your triggers 🎉

Let’s say you have a stock list with Barcode, Name, Quantity and Min Stock level :

You can use the value of the Min Stock within a trigger to say: :

With that trigger in place, if the Quantity drops below Min Stock for any of your products, an email notification will be sent asking to reorder the item:

To use a column value in a trigger, simply wrap the column name in square brackets [Min Stock].

Hasta luego 👋

Import and export Triggers

1 Nov 2020

Triggers are a great way to add custom functionality to your sheet, from showing and hiding fields to breaking apart barcodes and sending notification as data changes.

To make them even easier to work with, we’ve added the ability to import/export to Excel.

Here are the triggers used in the Medical Device Tracking template to extract data from GS1 barcodes into separate fields:

And the same triggers are exported to Excel:

Hope this helps!

Fixed some triggers bugs

1 Nov 2020

Hi there, this release fixes the bugs you raised:

Launching contactless forms

26 Oct 2020

We’ve just launched , a simple alternative to paper forms.

View your assets and inventory on a map

25 Sep 2020

You can now view the location of all your assets and inventory in real-time ✨

A few more updates from the team:

Send SMS messages using triggers

1 Sep 2020

Emails notifications are great for things that need attention , but what if something needs attention right-away?

You can now send an SMS message to up to 10 people per trigger the instant something happens:

You can also send email notifications to multiple recipients now too 🎉

Until next time 🖖

Track your assets on a map

1 Aug 2020

As requested, we’ve added the ability to view the location of your assets. Just click the map button at the bottom of your sheet:

View the entire location history by clicking the asset pin and View History:

Let us know what you think

Remove yourself from a sheet

31 Jul 2020

You know all those sheets people keep adding you to? Well, you can now remove yourself.

Just right-click the sheet tab and hit Remove Sheet 🎉

BIG thanks to James for the suggestion👌

Transfer ownership of a sheet

31 Jul 2020

Hello 👋!

You can now between user accounts. Simply:

Let us know what you’d like to see next.

Live Data URL updates!

1 Jul 2020

Hey 👋. We’ve added more power to the . You can now:

what you’d like to see next!

Minor UI bugs

7 Feb 2020

Resolved a few minor UI bugs

Triggers launch

10 Jan 2020

we’re super pleased to launch - simple logic to do things like:

Further improvement to scanning speeds

26 Dec 2019

As requested, this update improves scanning speed.

Fixed autofocus on numeric fields

22 Dec 2019

This update fixes a few annoying bugs:

Splitting barcodes with regular expressions

2 Dec 2019

You can now break barcodes apart into different fields using regular expressions within triggers. Simple, yet powerful!

Increased trigger functionality

26 Nov 2019

You can now use triggers to conditionally alter the mobile interface based on the value of fields. You can do things like:

Whenever a particular field:

Issues with loading cloud data

20 Nov 2019

Quick update:

Trigger field changes with other field values

16 Nov 2019

We’re super excited to introduce triggers! You can now show/hide/set and clear fields based on the value of other fields. We’ve added the ability to set and clear required status using triggers :)

Improved bulk update

15 Nov 2019

A few tweaks to the recently released bulk update feature. To update a bunch of items at once:

“It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.” - Steve Jobs

Bulk update items

12 Nov 2019

This update includes:

Better support for notched devices

28 Oct 2019

Quick update to fix a UI bug on devices with a notch.

More visibility on number of items and groups

27 Oct 2019

This release includes:


Improved grouping

23 Oct 2019

Quick update. We’ve added the number of items within a group to the group headers (thanks for the suggestion Prithvi!). To enable grouping tap the sort icon :)

Improved in-app search

21 Oct 2019

We’ve upgraded the in-app search, you can now search by one particular field at a time. Tap search to try it.

Support for external data validation

17 Oct 2019

We’ve added support for external data validation via a Validation URL, this allows your system to inspect data entered by a user before it is saved to your sheet.

If your server returns an error, we’ll present that error to the user within the app and reject the changes until the issue is resolved.

More control over data fields

15 Oct 2019

Thanks for the suggestions! This release includes:

Search by scanning

10 Oct 2019

Just a couple of tweaks this time:

Delta values return to number fields

30 Sep 2019

A quick fix to bring back delta values on number fields

Fixed view barcode history

24 Sep 2019

Quick fix: long-press to view barcode history was a bit buggy. All sorted now :)

Unique ID fields

22 Sep 2019

As Abraham Lincoln once said “The best way to predict the future is to create it” - so let us know what you’d like to see next.

Introducing Signature fields

10 Sep 2019

Web app updates

Mobile app updates

Match found with Cloud Sheets

30 Aug 2019

This update brings a couple of features:

Improved loading for slow connections

10 Aug 2019

Increased timeout when loading the sheets menu on a slow connection.

Improving sheet loading speeds

8 Aug 2019

This update contains a few performance tweaks:

Showing more delta values

30 Jul 2019

Yet another rapid release, this one contains:

Settings for fields

24 Jul 2019

Hello everyone, as requested you can now:

If you’re using the quantity field you will need to make this visible again after this update (Edit field > Show in list).

Item quantity sums

20 Jul 2019

A few small improvements:

New Data Visualization Tools

19 Jul 2019

Many of you asked for more analytics and reporting, so we’re pleased to now announce integrations with both and .

You can now:

Other updates:

Web app

Mobile app

Return of the Pin Value

16 Jul 2019

This update brings back the “Pin Value” value feature to help reduce data entry when batch/location scanning.

Export sheet-by-sheet

9 Jul 2019

Thanks for using Orca Scan! As requested this update contains:

Grouping and sorting bug fix

13 Jun 2019

This update fixes an intermittent bug with the grouping and sorting features.

-/+ delta indicator

12 Jun 2019

This update includes a few UX tweaks, most notably +/- delta indicator on numeric fields.

Email subject for exports

7 Jun 2019

Fixed email export subject bug

Connect Orca Scan to your systems

4 Jun 2019

We’re super pleased to announce the release of and . You can now connect Orca Scan directly to your systems using simple HTTP requests and without complex APIs.

Date Time bug

22 May 2019

Resolved auto date time bug

Timezone issue

16 May 2019

We’ve fixed the timezone issue and applied a few visual tweaks. Enjoy!

Grouping items

4 May 2019

This update includes:

Let us know what you’d like to see next

Sorting lists by field values

30 Apr 2019

Hello! A couple of tweaks:

Let us know what you’d like to see next

Launching Data Sources

18 Apr 2019

You can now making it possible to:

Pinning values

14 Apr 2019

We’ve added the ability to Pin values on fields, so you can enter data once and repeat it for every scan.

First hardware integrations

8 Apr 2019

Orca Scan now works with hardware scanners such as the and Bluetooth scanners such as the .

Bluetooth scanner compatibility

4 Apr 2019

Improved Bluetooth barcode scanner compatibility

Support for Symbol CS4070

30 Mar 2019

Added support for Symbol CS4070 bluetooth barcode scanner

Logic Bluetooth scanner speed

27 Mar 2019

Improvement speed of Bluetooth barcode scanner logic

“View on map” for GPS fields

23 Mar 2019

Let us know what you think

Bluetooth scanner support

20 Mar 2019

As requested, we’ve added support for Bluetooth barcode scanners. To get started, simply:

(1) Pair your Bluetooth scanner with your device as normal

(2) Open Orca Scan

(3) Start scanning using your Bluetooth scanner

Save & Close scan button

9 Mar 2019

Thanks for the feedback, this release includes:

Drop-down default values

7 Feb 2019

As requested, you can now set a default value for drop-down fields.

Drop down fields

6 Feb 2019

As requested, you can now add drop-down lists as a field type.

Exporting dates

2 Feb 2019

Dates are now exported as ISO 8601 with timezone information.

Fixed timezone issue

23 Jan 2019

Fixed timezone issue with auto date time fields

UI changes

16 Jan 2019

View Cloud Sheet data on your phone

14 Jan 2019



You can now push your barcode scans directly into Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.


Microsoft Excel integration is live

17 Dec 2018

You can now connect Orca Scan directly to Microsoft Excel 2016, removing the need to manually export/import data.

Google Sheets integration is live

13 Dec 2018

As requested, you can now automagically send your Orca Scan data to Google Sheets!

Fixed required number fields bug

21 Nov 2018

Fixed required number fields bug causing them to reject 0 as a value

Introducing the Barcode Generator

31 Oct 2018

You can now create barcodes with Orca Scan

Cloud Sheets released

19 Oct 2018

Orca Scan Mobile:

Cloud Sheets:

Fixed quantity bug

6 Oct 2018

Fixed increase quantity bug

You can now delete default fields

5 Oct 2018

A few updates/fixes you requested:

September bug fixes

26 Sep 2018

Thanks again for the feedback!

Export barcode via DropBox, WhatsApp and more

24 Sep 2018

Just a couple more of the changes you requested:

Added auto field types

21 Sep 2018

We love getting your suggestion; please keep them coming. As requested, this update includes:

Improved date fields

18 Sep 2018

Thanks for your feedback! This update includes:

Fixed export to Excel bug

13 Sep 2018

We’ve resolved a random export as Microsoft Excel bug some of you experienced. Thank you for reporting this.

Added true/false fields

10 Sep 2018

As requested, you can now add true/false fields to every barcode scan. We’ve also

A few more bug fixes

3 Sep 2018

This update contains a few bug fixes. Thank you for raising them!

Added scan into field button

1 Aug 2018

We’ve added a “Scan into field” button next to all text fields allowing you to scan additional barcodes after every scan.

Added account info to app settings

27 May 2018

As requested, we’ve added the email address you have logged in as to the bottom of the app settings screen.

Lots of improvements based on your feedback

19 Apr 2018

Thank you for all your feedback! This update includes:

You can now add new fields

31 Jan 2018

Thank you for your suggestions. This update includes:

Minor bug fixes

3 Jan 2018

Thank you for your feedback! This update includes a few fixes:

Added autogenerate barcode feature

30 Dec 2017

Thanks again for your feedback, please keep it coming! This update includes:

Added reset quantities and fixed some bugs

28 Dec 2017

Thank you for your feedback! Please keep it coming, it helps drive development.

This update includes:

Fixed unable to connect issue

22 Dec 2017

Fixed intermittent “unable to connect” error after an app update

Resolved iOS 10 issue

20 Dec 2017

We fixed an issue with iOS 10 that caused the app to crash after an app update.

Lots of improvements based on your feedback

18 Dec 2017

A BIG thank you for all your feedback! Please keep it coming as it really does help drive development. This version contains the following changes:

Bug fixes

New features

Changes to CSV export

Added barcode detail screen after scan

17 Nov 2016

Added, “Add detail after each scan” to allow an optional prompt for quantity/name/notes after every scan.

Added support for more barcodes

11 Nov 2016

As requested, we’ve added support for PDF417, Aztec & Code 93 barcodes.

Orca Scan beta released

2 Nov 2016

The first version of Orca Scan has been released onto the Apple and iOS App Store. This is a revamped, rebranded version of Barcode Bulk Scanner initially released onto the app stores on 13 August 2016.