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Orca 11.15.0: Sign-In with Google and Apple

Seamless sign-in with Google and Apple

Accessing Orca Scan is now smoother than ever. Our new Google and Apple sign-in options mean logging into your account is faster, so you can dive right into your sheets and start scanning! Connect Google or Apple→

Improvements to formulas

Formulas now support default values and Orca Variables, allowing you to automatically extract weights from barcodes and use them in your calculations. We’ve also improved formula errors to give clearer guidance, helping you quickly identify and fix issues. Learn formulas→

Screen rotation lock

We’ve fixed the annoying issue where the lock screen rotation had a mind of its own. Now, it stays put, just as you like it!

YouTube playlist

We’ve created a YouTube playlist covering some frequently asked questions, and there’s more on the way!

More improvements, big and small 👇

That’s all for this update, but a special thanks to our customers 💛

Donovan, Andrew & Ashley for helping us make Orca better every day!

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