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How to track books using ISBN barcodes

All printed books sold commercially carry an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) barcode, typically printed on the back, in the lower right corner. You can use these unique identifiers to build a library/database of all your books simply by scanning ISBN barcodes using the Orca Scan barcode app.

How to track ISBN barcodes using Orca Scan

The Book Tracking template makes it easy to implement a library management system using smartphones. Orca Scan automatically populates the Title, Description, Author(s), Publisher and Number of Pages each time a book is scanned. You can then enter a quantity and storage location, and you have a library management system.

To get started:

  1. Download the Orca Scan barcode app
  2. Create a new sheet using the Book Tracking Template
  3. Scan an ISBN barcode on any book
  4. See the book information, enter quantity and location
  5. Save the changes

You can now log in to the Orca Scan web application to view your entire catalogue, along with a full audit trail.

Why track books using ISBN barcodes?

When attempting to manage an extensive collection of books, it’s more efficient to track them by scanning the unique ISBN barcode, than it is to write down their name and location.

The simple reason? It takes less time and eliminates human errors.

Do all books have an ISBN barcode?

No, only printed books sold commercially have an ISBN barcode. eBooks and books sold privately do not need an ISBN barcode. In this case, it’s best to type the book title into Orca Scan and have it generate a unique barcode for you automatically.

If you have any more questions about ISBN barcodes, our dedicated blog will tell you all you need to know!

Book Tracking questions?

Orca Scans’ goal is to simplify barcode tracking, and remove the need to write down barcode numbers or type them into spreadsheets - the Book Tracking template should help with that. If you have any questions or suggestions about how we can improve this, please let us know.

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