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Connect Orca Scan directly to Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets

Create a barcode tracking system using smartphones

Track assets, inventory and more - without hardware.

Orca Scan mobile barcode scanning app Orca Scan web based spreadsheet

Trusted by more than 20,000 organizations in over 130 countries

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Use with any device

From smartphones to hardware scanners, give your entire workforce access to back-office data from any device.

Configure devices from the web

Add fields, synchronize data and configure 100s of devices remotely from any web browser.

Connect to the systems you love

Say goodbye to complex APIs, live-sync with Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets or connect directly to your system using simple HTTP requests.

Showing integrations between Orca Scan, Microsoft Excel and Google sheets

What our customers say

"The great thing about Orca Scan is that it's not just one specific system, it's like a hammer I can use to hit everything."
Peter Nudi Winery Mechanic, Winesecrets

Visiting Winesecrets at their 47,000 sq ft production facility in California

Providence Healthcare Tracking Mechanical Hearts tracking medical devices with Orca Scan

Read how Dr Sato uses Orca Scan to track medical devices from receipt to implanting them into patients.

Winesecrets Tracking Assets and Improving Wine tracking wine making assets with Orca Scan

See how Peter replaced a paper-based logbook with Orca Scans mobile tracking for their vehicles and inventory.