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Build a barcode system without code

Where barcode creation, printing, and scanning come together with a solution that works everywhere.

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Trusted by over 50,000 organisations in over 165 countries

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Your one-stop platform for all things barcodes

Scan barcodes

Scan barcodes

Scan and decode barcodes offline, from any device

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Cloud Access

Full visibility of all your assets from anywhere in the world

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History logs

History log

Track the entire life cycle of a product

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Custom workflows

Custom workflows

Easily gather the right data at the right time, with easy-to-set conditions

Gain full visibility of all your assets

Improve efficiency, increase visibility and allow your team to focus on what truly matters.


Create custom workflows

Guide your team through data collection, one step at a time.

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Create barcode labels

Generate and print barcodes with over 286 templates from brands like Avery, Rollo, Dymo, and more.

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Barcode labels History log

History log

Track every update: See who changed what, when and from what location in real-time.

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Simple Integrations

Scan barcodes into the systems you love.

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A barcode app that works with any device

Designed to grow with you, start with smartphones and tablets and add Enterprise scanners when needed.

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What our customer say


“We were searching for something that would automate the process as much as possible. It’s so universally friendly for all devices”
Brittany Baiunco Profile picture Brittany Baiunco Senior Operations Analyst


“The traceability that Orca Scan has given us has enabled us to manage inventory far more effectively”
Andy Fawkes Profile picture Andy Fawkes Managing Director


“I chose Orca Scan because of its ease of use and instant implementation”
Alex Albright Profile picture Alex Albright Associate Manager of Non-Production Spend

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