New Hardware integration with Zebra devices and Bluetooth scanners

A barcode system in your pocket

Build an entire barcode system using just smartphones

  • Orca Scan share with a team Track Inventory
  • Orca Scan share with a team Track Assets
  • Orca Scan share with a team Track Attendance

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How it works

Scan barcodes on any smartphone

Download Orca Scan on iOS or Android to scan any barcode, sync with Cloud Sheets or export as an Excel spreadsheet.

  • Orca Scan share with a team Scan Barcodes
  • Orca Scan real-time synchronisation Add Details
  • Orca Scan export data centerally Easily Share

Update in real-time with Cloud Sheets

With Cloud Sheets, multiple users can update items when received, shipped, transferred or inspected - all in real-time.

  • Connect Team Share with Users
  • Connect Team Real-time Sync
  • Connect Team View Full History

Configure centrally without coding

Each field within the mobile app is a column in the spreadsheet. Simply add/remove columns to customise your barcode solution.

  • Connect Team Import Excel
  • Connect Team Edit Entry Fields
  • Connect Team Security Rules

What our customers say

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"The great thing about Orca Scan is that it's not just one specific system, it's like a hammer I can use to hit everything."

Peter Nudi

Winery Mechanic, Winesecrets

Visiting Winesecrets at their 47,000 sq ft production facility in California

Providence Healthcare

Tracking Mechanical Hearts

tracking medical devices with Orca Scan

Read how Dr Sato uses Orca Scan to track medical devices from receipt to implanting them into patients.

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Tracking Assets and Improving Wine

tracking wine making assets with Orca Scan

See how Peter replaced a paper-based logbook with Orca Scans mobile tracking for their vehicles and inventory.

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