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A user is defined as one unique email account and each member needs one to share sheets and track user activity. learn more ↓
1 2 + $10 per extra user + $120 per extra user 2 + $20 per extra user + $240 per extra user Increased
A sheet is like a custom database you design by adding/removing columns. When users are added to a sheet, it appears in the mobile app and columns become data entry fields. learn more ↓
1 5 20 Increased
Rows (per sheet)
Each row represents one unique item such as a barcode, SKU or serial number. learn more ↓
50 1,000 20,000 Increased
Revision history
Every time a change or update is made, an individual record is timestamped with the users name for you to trace all activity. learn more ↓
2 weeks 6 months 1 year Unlimited
Custom fields (GPS, signatures etc)
Add unlimited custom fields such as GPS location, signature, drop-down lists etc learn more ↗
Photo fields
Capture photos of your assets for quality/inspection purposes
Web, iOS & Android apps
Hardware scanner support
Works with Bluetooth scanners or installed directly on barcode scanners from Zebra, Honeywell, DataLogic etc. learn more ↗
Barcode label generator
Generate and print barcode labels and QR codes directly from the web or mobile application. learn more ↗
Add custom logic to your sheets to show/hide fields, setup notifications or break barcodes into multiple fields. learn more ↗
Data Sources
Set any sheet as the Data Source for another (e.g. master product list) learn more ↗
Merge multiple sheets into one readonly view (e.g. inventory from multiple locations). learn more ↗
Asset maps
View the location of all your assets on a map, with detailed history of each items journey. learn more ↗
Contactless Forms
Print a QR code poster for any sheet to let users without an app enter data into your sheet using any camera phone (e.g. contact tracing) learn more ↗
Multi admin
Give trusted members of your team more access to add triggers and add/remove fields. learn more ↗
Microsoft Excel
Send barcode scans directly into Microsoft Excel in real-time using a unique URL assigned to each sheet. learn more ↗
Google Sheets
Send barcode scans directly into Google Sheets in real-time using a unique URL assigned to each sheet. learn more ↗
Scan barcodes into 5,000 apps using Zapier. learn more ↗
Make / Integromat
Trigger events in over 1,000 apps using learn more ↗
Microsoft Power BI
Connect any sheet directly to Microsoft Power BI to build dashboards, with real-time access to your data. learn more ↗
Connect any sheet directly to Tableau to build dashboards, with real-time access to your data. learn more ↗
Google Data Studio
Connect any sheet directly to Google Data Studio to build dashboards, with real-time access to your data. learn more ↗
Live Data URL
Pull data from any sheet in HTML, CSV, XML or JSON format using a simple HTTP GET request learn more ↗
Lookup URL
Pull data from your system each time a barcode is scanned learn more ↗
Validation URL
Inspect, approve or reject every barcode scan before it's saved to your sheet. learn more ↗
WebHook In
Send a HTTP POST to your sheet to add, update or delete any row. learn more ↗
WebHook Out
Keep your system in sync by receiving a HTTP POST every time a row is added, updated or deleted. learn more ↗
Connect Orca Scan to your system using an industry standard RESTful API learn more ↗
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I use this tool daily at work, inventory has never been easier!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Ask the team

What is as a user?

A user is defined as one personalized email address ( and each team member needs one. An email addresses is used to share sheets between users, and track activity.

Screenshot of added users to a sheet inside the Orca Scan web application

What is a sheet?

You can think of a sheet as a single tab in a spreadsheet; however in Orca Scan each sheet acts as a real-time database from which the mobile app can push and pull data for multiple users.

Each column in your sheet becomes a data entry field in the mobile app, simply add/remove columns capture the data you need.

Screenshot of sheets in the Orca Scan web and mobile applications

What is a row?

A row is just like a row in a spreadsheet, in Orca Scan, each row represents one unique item such as a barcode, SKU or serial number. When you scan a barcode using the mobile app, it will search your sheet for a matching row, or create one if does not exist.

Screenshot of rows of barcodes inside Orca Scan web application

What is revision history?

Any advanced tracking system should tell you when an activity happened, what the activity was and who carried it out. Orca Scan logs this information for you automatically, simply select the item and click view history.

Screenshot of the Orca Scan history log

Can I use Orca Scan for free?

Yes, it's completely free to use indefinitely. The free version does have a cap of 50 rows and 1 sheet, but it's enough for most small projects.

How is Free different to Paid?

The main difference is the collaboration and administration features that comes with Cloud sheets. You only have 1 of those with a 50 row cap, but you can still use all the stand-alone mobile features as you like.

What if I pass my storage limit?

We will store any additional items that you scan or import, but they will go dormant so they can't be exported or accessed on mobile. You can still read, edit, and organise all the items below the row limit.

Can I pay monthly?

Yes, Orca Scan is a pay-as-you-go service. You can pay monthly and cancel anytime. If you decide to cancel mid-month, you will be billed for the remainder of that month.

Do you offer support?

Yes. We're keen to help you get the most out of the system, chat to us live or via email if you have any queries. You can also find user guides and videos in our guides section.

Do you support non-profits?

Yes, we offer a 50% discount off all plans for registered non-profit organizations.

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