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How to use formulas in Orca Scan

Formulas make it easy to calculate total weights, item quantities versus total value, or cost and quantity.

How to add a Formula field

You can add a formula field using either the web or mobile application.

From the web:

  1. Right-click a column and select Add Column
  2. Give your new column a name
  3. Set the data type to Formula
  4. Click Add to add the column

From mobile:

  1. Scan a barcode or tap to edit an item in the list
  2. Tap the cog next to any of the fields
  3. Give your new field a name
  4. Set the data type to Formula
  5. Tap Save to add the field

How to create a Formula

From either mobile or web:

  1. Edit or add your formula field
  2. Select the first column for your calculation
  3. Select a calculation method (divide, multiply, add and more)
  4. Select another column to complete the calculation
  5. Tap Save

Now, refresh the mobile app, scan a barcode, and see your formula in action 🚀

Questions about Formulas?

We’re always happy to help, chat with us live or drop us an email.

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