About Us

Orca Scan is a no-code, Barcode Scanner app for iOS and Android that allows anyone to build and deploy an enterprise-grade barcode system without code or special hardware. It started life in 2016 as a very simple prototype to help a teenager with his summer job and quickly evolved into a side project, receiving updates on evenings and weekends.

Orca Scan was released onto the app stores in 2017, where it received thousands of downloads and hundreds of feature requests. It turned out organisations worldwide shared the same problem: although barcodes are everywhere, barcode scanners are not, leaving many with the tedious, error-prone task of writing down barcode numbers or typing them into spreadsheets. Since that day, the Orca team have worked closely with over 150k users to evolve the product in a way that makes barcode technology accessible to everyone, regardless of technical skill or budget.

Meet the Team

Jonathan Woolf - Head of Culture
Jonathan Woolf
Owen Doherty - Customer Success Manager
Owen Doherty
Mark Harwood - Head of Engineering
Mark Harwood
Milad Latif - Junior Front-end Developer
Milad Latif
Larry Goddard - Automation Architect
Larry Goddard
Alex Chapman - Analyst Programmer
Alex Chapman
John Doherty - Founder and CEO
John Doherty