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Our Story

Orca Scan is a barcode scanner app for iOS and Android that allows anyone to create a barcode system without code. It started life in 2016 as a very simple prototype to help a teenager with his summer job. It was released in the app stores in 2017, where it received thousands of downloads and hundreds of feature requests. It turned out that organisations worldwide shared the same problem: although barcodes are everywhere, barcode scanners are not, leaving many with the tedious, error-prone task of writing down barcode numbers or typing them into spreadsheets.

Since that day, Orca Scan has grown to over 320k users, with 60% of the Fortune 500 companies and 40% of FTSE 100 companies using Orca, including teams within companies such as Disney, NASA, Apple and many more.

Our job is simple: to work closely with our users to make barcode technology accessible to everyone, regardless of technical skill or budget.

Our Team

We're a fully-remote team with a HQ in Cambridge, UK. Our team are encouraged to work from wherever they feel most productive.

Our Mission

Make barcode tracking technology available to all, regardless of technical ability or budget.

Our Values

  • Keep it simple - Bring clarity to our processes, procedures and communications. Less is more.
  • Solutions not sales - Our success is linked to delivering solutions, not closing sales.
  • Do the right thing - Act with honesty, integrity and in the best interests of our customers.