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GS1 Digital Link Preview

Check how your product page appears using GS1 Digital Link QR codes

What is GS1 Digital Link?

GS1 Digital Link is a new QR code powered by GS1 standards. It enhances the shopping experience by providing instant access to product information and connects consumers directly to brands via a quick smartphone scan - no app required.

How does the GS1 Digital Link preview work?

This is an interactive demo of the Orca Scan GS1 Digital Link solution. Orca Scans solution is designed to simplify the upgrade to Digital Link by building a dynamic QR code homepage from a Product URL - removing the need to create/manage QR code pages.

Need help upgrading to GS1 Digital Link?

If you have any questions about GS1 Digital Link or need help upgrading to this new GS1 standard, chat with us live.