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How to track maintenance checks using barcodes

Maintenance is a regular process performed on equipment, machinery, or facilities to avoid breakdowns, malfunctions, or other problems. Its goal is to ensure equipment runs efficiently and effectively for long periods. Routine inspections, cleaning, lubrication, and replacing parts before they wear out reduces the chance of equipment failure, extends the life of assets, and avoids unexpected downtime and repair costs. To get started:

To get started:

  1. Download the Orca Scan barcode app
  2. Create a new sheet using the Maintenance template
  3. Scan your asset’s barcode using the app
  4. Following the prompts to enter the required information
  5. Save the changes

You can add multiple users to your maintenance tracking sheet to allow your workforce to collaborate on maintenance tasks and use the Orca Scan history log to view who last maintained which equipment, at what time and from which device.

How do I generate barcodes for my assets?

Orca Scan offers a convenient feature that enables users to effortlessly generate barcodes from their sheets with just a few clicks. For more information on how to do this, please refer to our comprehensive guide on Generating and Printing Barcodes. This nifty tool, allows users to easily save and print these barcodes straight from our user-friendly web application or mobile app.

Orca Scan also offers a completely free Barcode Imaging API which details a quick and easy way for users to generate their own barcodes from the simplicity of a simple link in your browser.

How do barcodes help with performing maintenance?

Barcodes can help you in your maintenance by providing an efficient way to track and manage maintenance activities, as well as to identify and manage assets and inventory. Here are some specific ways in which barcodes can be helpful:

Overall, barcodes provide a simple, cost-effective solution for managing assets, inventory, and maintenance activities, allowing you to optimise your maintenance program and reduce costs..

Why use Orca Scan to track maintenance?

The Orca Scan Maintenance solution provides the following benefits:

  • Use a smart phone to easily scan assets.
  • Visibility over assets like maintenance history and warranties.
  • Create custom forms and track progress against tasks in real time.
  • Offline functionality for remote or low connectivity locations.
  • Streamline maintenance, improve data accuracy, reduce downtime risk.
  • Track replacement parts without the need for other systems

Can I be notified about damaged equipment?

Using Orca Scan’s triggers feature, you can set your sheets up to notify yourself and other people either via an Email, in-app notification or an in-app dialogue. Our template already comes with an Email trigger which is set up to Email the specified address when something is logged as Damaged.

You can set your sheets up to notify yourself and other users via an Email, in-app notification or an in-app dialogue
You can set your sheets up to notify yourself and other users via an Email, in-app notification or an in-app dialogue

Can I capture and record additional information?

Yes. Orca Scan is a fully customisable barcode scanner app; you can add fields to capture additional data such as text, signatures, photos and even GPS locations. The Maintenance solution is designed to act as a starting point; you can expand upon it as your needs evolves

How do I track maintenance across multiple sites/locations?

If your industry has multiple assets in one location, the best way to track maintenance across multiple locations is to create an Orca Scan sheet for each site:

  1. Create a sheet using the Maintenance Template
  2. Add fields to capture additional information (if needed)
  3. Duplicate the sheet (one for each location)
  4. Rename the sheets to their location name
  5. Add the relevant users to the correct sheets

This approach provides the following benefits:

Maintenance tracking questions?

If the Orca Scan Maintenance Solution does not entirely solve your problem, book a free implementation call, and we’ll help you modify the solution to meet your needs.

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