How to collect data using QR codes

What are QR Code Forms?

A QR Code Form is a method of collecting information digitally, without the use of pen, paper, or a mobile app using just a QR code and a smartphone camera.

How do QR Code Forms work?

QR Code Forms leverage the fact that the majority of smartphones today can scan a QR code using their camera and without an app. The user journey is as follows:

  1. A user scans a QR code using a camera phone
  2. They’re taken to a web page containing a series of questions
  3. They answer the questions and tap Done

The information is stored securely in the cloud and is accessible from anywhere in the world, making QR Code Forms a great candidate for Digital Transformation projects.

How can QR Code Forms be used?

QR Code Forms can be used in any environment that typically requires users to complete a paper form, such as:

How do I create a QR Code Form?

You can turn any Orca Scan sheet into a QR Code Form by enabling anonymous entry. You simply add columns to your sheet for the data you want to capture, and Orca will turn that into a form to present to the user.

To get started:

1. Create a new sheet

Login to your Orca Scan account and create a new sheet by clicking the (+) icon in the bottom left of the screen. Then select the template that closely matches the data you want to capture (choose Blank Canvas to build your own) and click create.

TIP: You can include example data when creating a sheet to test how it works before using it in a production environment.

2. Enable anonymous data entry

To allow non-registered users to enter data into your Sheet, you will need to allow anonymous entry. To do this, click the small Orca icon at the bottom left of the screen:

Then turn on allow anonymous data entry and click save:

Please note: Once enabled, anyone with access to your Sheet QR Code or unique URL can enter data into your sheet. You can disable access at any time by turning off Allow anonymous data entry.

3. Print your QR Code poster

Orca automatically generates a unique QR Code poster for you so you can print the poster, and you’re good to go. You can also download the QR Code as an image in SVG format to send to a designer.

Download or print your QR code
Download or print your QR code

4. Displaying your QR Code Form poster

You’re now ready to start collecting data. Simply display your QR Code Form poster in a location that is accessible to your audience.

Anyone with a smartphone can now scan the QR code using their camera (no app required) and complete the form.

5. Review your data

When users scan your QR Code poster and fill in the form, the data is automatically sent to your Orca Scan sheet. You can access this data in real-time from anywhere in the world using the Orca Scan Web or Mobile application.

Questions about Collecting Data using QR Codes?

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