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How to create a custom branded barcode app

You can use the Orca Scan custom branding feature to create a barcode app with your company logo and branding in minutes. Create a seamless brand experience by incorporating your logo, colour palette, and other visual elements.

How to setup custom branding

You can custom brand your Orca Scan app using these steps👇

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Click your email located in the top-right corner
  3. Select ‘Branding’ from the dropdown menu
  4. Upload your logo as a SVG file
  5. Choose a primary colour
  6. Choose a secondary colour
  7. Decide whether you prefer a light or dark theme
  8. Click Save

That’s it! Your brand is now automatically applied to all of your devices ✨

Setting Up Your Custom Domain

To take your personalisation to the next level, you can also add a custom domain, this lets your team or customers access a version of Orca Scan using your company domain.

To setup your custom domain, create a CNAME record that points to using the following guides:

HTTPS/SSL works automatically

We support HTTPS/SSL on our side, via Let’s Encrypt. Upon receiving the first request, we’ll request an SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt. This process takes anywhere from 5 to 60 seconds, so don’t be surprised if the first request doesn’t work.

If you need any help, reach out on live chat and we’re happy to help out!

Questions about custom branding?

As with anything at Orca Scan, if you need help chat with us live or drop us an email.

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