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How to capture leads at trade shows using barcodes

At Orca Scan, we’ve revolutionised event lead management by actively collaborating with users worldwide, incorporating their valuable feedback to create one of the most advanced lead-capture apps for trade shows.

With our Lead Capture Solution, you can effortlessly capture leads using your smartphone, tablet, or scanner, eliminating the need for time-consuming paperwork. Experience seamless networking and gain enhanced control over your event leads with our innovative features designed to streamline your success.

To get started:

  1. Sign in to Orca Scan
  2. Create a new sheet using the Lead Capture template
  3. Import a list of attendees (make sure the list contains a barcode column)
  4. Duplicate the sheet (excluding data) one for each exhibiting company
  5. Connect the data-source to your first sheet
  6. Invite the users from the exhibiting company to their respective sheet(s)
  7. Download the Orca Scan barcode app
  8. Scan the badge on the barcode

Now, you can capture leads, and their information will automatically populate in real-time from the data source.

What is Lead Capture?

Lead Capture, or Lead Retrieval, at events like trade shows and conferences, involves gathering data from barcodes or QR codes on badges. This process efficiently provides leads to both exhibiting companies and attendees for seamless post-event follow-ups. The Orca Scan Lead Capture Solution has been designed to make this process as simple as possible.

How do I create and print attendee name badges?

A preview of the Orca Scan web app printing barcode labels
A preview of the Orca Scan web app printing barcode labels

In the Orca Scan Web App, you can easily download and print your barcodes from the side panel. Simply send QR codes to attendees via email or post if you prefer physical badges.

For label purchases, we recommend Avery or Dymo.

How do I capture leads?

Assuming you’ve shared a sheet with attendees or exhibiting organisations, here’s what they have to do:

  1. Accept the email invitation
  2. Download the Orca Scan Mobile App
  3. Scan

When you scan a badge, we’ll automatically populate fields in real time from the data-source.

Screenshots of the Orca Scan mobile app capturing leads at trade shows
Screenshots of the Orca Scan mobile app capturing leads at trade shows

How can attendees and exhibitors access the collected data?

With export permissions, clients can easily click ‘Export’ to retrieve data in various formats. If not granted, you can export their data upon request. We also offer integrations for added convenience.

How can I prevent duplicate entries of the same person?

When you scan a badge, Orca Scan checks for a match in the sheet and displays the corresponding record. No need to create multiple records for the same person. Each scan is logged in the record’s history.

How do I combine leads from multiple sheets into a single sheet?

You can easily consolidate leads from multiple sheets into a well-organised single sheet with the help of views. This method is invaluable when you’re looking to centralise leads from various sheets for a single exhibitor.

Can I use a hardware scanner with Orca Scan?

Yes, Orca Scan is device agnostic you can use it with smartphones and a variety of industrial barcode scanners, you can find a range or Orca Scan compatible scanners here.

Can I customise Orca Scan with my branding?

Yes, you can personalise Orca Scan with your logo, colours, and more using our custom branding feature.

Can I capture leads without an internet connection?

Orca Scan works offline, allowing you to capture leads with or without an internet connection. Leads automatically sync to the cloud when you reconnect.

Can I import my existing attendee list?

Yes, you can find a step-by-step guide on importing existing attendees here.

Can I use Orca Scan for Event Attendance Tracking?

Yes, with our event attendance solution, you can monitor attendee numbers, track session attendance, and gather valuable insights effortlessly.

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