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How to track Cannabis products with barcodes

The Orca Scan Cannabis Management solution is a fully configurable solution for suppliers in both regulated and non-regulated markets in the United States and beyond. In one scan, you can effortlessly capture essential product details and regulatory compliance information from GS1 barcodes using our simple barcode solution.

Getting Started with Orca Scan

  1. Download the Orca Scan barcode app
  2. Create a new sheet with the Cannabis Tracking Template
  3. Scan existing barcodes or generate and print new barcodes
  4. Enter the product information and quantity
  5. Add fields to capture additional information (if needed)
  6. Save the changes

Tailored to Your Tracking Needs

Customise your solution to capture specific details such as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or Cannabidiol (CBD) content, cultivar, supplier info, and more to perfectly fit your unique tracking needs. You can also employ triggers to create custom workflows, boosting the efficiency and accuracy of your operations.

Why use Orca Scan for cannabis tracking

  • Automatically extract data within GS1 barcodes
  • From THC and CBD content to cultivar and cannabis plant harvest date, our solution captures it all
  • Set and receive alerts for stock thresholds to maintain optimal levels
  • Get in-app notifications when an expired product is scanned
  • All data is stored securely in the cloud
  • Access your data from any web browser or smartphone
  • Share data across multiple sites/locations
  • Use existing hardware (smartphones, tablets or barcode scanners)
  • Fully customisable solution to meet your needs

Handling Cannabis without Barcodes?

For cannabis products without a barcode, you can generate and print barcode labels directly from the Orca Scan web and mobile applications, ensuring all your products are easily trackable.

Streamlined Multi-Site Cannabis Management

Effortlessly oversee products across different locations:

  1. Start with the cannabis tracking template
  2. Add fields to capture additional information (if needed)
  3. Duplicate the sheet for each site
  4. Assign appropriate users to their respective sheets
  5. Merge sheets for an integrated view of your operations at all sites

Enhancing Cannabis Operations with Orca Scan’s History Log

Orca Scan’s history log is invaluable in cannabis management, offering detailed tracking of each item from receipt to sale. The history log is a key feature in the continuous improvement of your business operations, as you can identify inefficiencies, ensure quality control, and maintain regulatory compliance.

Cannabis Tracking Questions?

Orca Scan is designed to simplify cannabis product tracking, eliminating manual data entry errors and maximising operational efficiency. Accurate tracking in the industry is vital for quality assurance and regulatory compliance.

Should our Orca Scan Cannabis Solution not fully meet your specific needs, feel free to book a free implementation call, and we’ll assist in tailoring the solution to your requirements. 🙏

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