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How to do an inventory cycle count using barcodes

Over the years, our users have shared their challenges of maintaining an accurate inventory, especially with constantly moving assets.

We knew there had to be a better way to keep on top of things than endless manual checks.

Introducing our Cycle Count Solution! Created in collaboration with businesses worldwide, our solution has been built to streamline your warehouse management to maximise efficiency and minimise disruption.

To get started:

  1. Sign in to Orca Scan or create an account if you haven’t
  2. Make a new sheet using the Cycle Count template
  3. Import your assets along with their expected quantities
  4. Download the Orca Scan barcode app and log in
  5. Open settings ⚙️ and turn on ‘continuous scan’
  6. Disable ‘add detail after scan’
  7. Scan your assets’ barcodes

You are now counting your assets. No paper, pen, or miscounting, just Orca Scan 😊 You can invite multiple users to your sheet, allowing users to collaborate on the Cycle Count.

What Is Cycle Counting?

Cycle Counting inventory is a crucial process that involves physically counting items in stock to verify that the recorded number of items matches the actual quantity on hand. Our solution ensures precise asset tracking, enhancing inventory accuracy, minimising stockout risks, and improving overall business efficiency.

Open settings and turn on ‘continuous scan’ and disable ‘add detail after scan’.
Open settings and turn on ‘continuous scan’ and disable ‘add detail after scan’.

How do I generate barcodes for my assets?

If your assets already have barcodes, you can scan them. For assets without barcodes, you can create your own barcode labels using our simple web application or mobile app with just a few clicks.

Can I use a hardware scanner with Orca Scan?

Yes, Orca Scan can be used with your smartphone and various industrial barcode scanners. You can find a range of Orca Scan-compatible scanners here.

Why use Orca Scan to track your Cycle Count?

  • No duplicate scans
  • Complete visibility over your Cycle Count
  • Instantly view any discrepancies
  • Improved accuracy by reducing the risk of human error
  • Manual entry has been eliminated. Simply use a tablet, phone or scanner to count your assets
  • No need for expensive equipment
  • Share data across multiple locations to synchronise your business inventory
  • Export your sheet to Excel or Google Sheets to run reports
Orca Scan has drastically improved the efficiency of our cycle counting and can report back with details on all item numbers
Alex AlbrightAssociate Manager of Non-Production SpendEnfamil

How do I capture the location of every barcode scan?

To capture the location of every barcode scanned during the count, you’ll need to add a ‘GPS Location Automatic’ data type to your sheet. You can do this using the following steps:

  1. Add a new column/field
  2. Select data-type ‘GPS Location Automatic’
  3. Set it to hidden (no reason for the user to see this 👀)
  4. Save the changes

That’s it! Now, every barcode scanned will automatically record the GPS location. You can use asset maps to view the location of items scanned.

Can I be notified about damaged stock?

You can setup a trigger to notify you by email, in-app notification or an in-app dialogue when the condition changes to damaged. Once triggered, an email will be sent outlining the damage along with any photos and other information provided by the inspector.

Can I use Orca Scan without an internet connection?

Orca Scan works offline, allowing you to scan assets in areas with low coverage or remote locations. Scans automatically sync to the cloud when you reconnect.

How often should Cycle Counts be done?

For optimum efficiency, Inventory Cycle Counts should occur every week. Cycle Counting can be done as frequently as daily Depending on the size of the inventory, the type of products or how prone to damage those products are. Establishing a consistent schedule for Cycle Counting is essential to ensure that inventory levels remain accurate and minimise the potential for errors or discrepancies.

What is the goal of Cycle Counting?

Cycle Counting offers a more efficient alternative to counting all your stock simultaneously during a stock take. It can be highly effective, provided you have the right equipment.

How can I avoid Cycle Counts?

While most Cycle Counts typically achieve accuracy rates of 95-98% according to statistics, Orca Scan empowers you to aim even higher. With Orca Scan, you can improve accuracy and potentially eliminate the need for Cycle Counts altogether.

Our Inventory Solution enables real-time asset tracking, which means no more retrospective counts. Using Orca Scan, you can efficiently manage stock as it moves, avoiding the inconvenience of traditional Cycle Counts.

Let Orca Scan simplify your inventory, ‘clean as you go,’ and let us handle the work for you 🤝

Cycle Counting questions?

If the Orca Scan Cycle Counting Solution does not entirely solve your problem, book a free implementation call, and we’ll help you modify the solution to meet your needs.

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