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Templates, hardware are more

Templates 🤟

We added templates to help you track more, faster. A few of our favourites:

Medical Device Tracking

Scan UDI barcodes on medical devices, and we’ll populate the make, model, expiry date etc.

Drug Tracking

Scan FMD barcodes on drug packaging, and we’ll populate batch, lot and expiry dates.

Vehicle Tracking

Scan VIN barcodes, and we’ll populate make, model, location etc.

Book Cataloging

Scan ISBN barcodes on books, and we’ll populate title, author, number of pages etc.

Newly certified hardware

Orca Scan now works with the Linea Pro, Infinea-X, and Infinea Tab range of hardware scanners 💪

Other tweaks ✨

And finally… you can now reorder your sheets by dragging the tabs 🚀

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