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How to use the Zebra MC3330R RFID scanner with Orca Scan

Zebra MC3330R RFID scanner
Zebra MC3330R RFID scanner

You can use the Zebra MC3330R with Orca Scan to capture RFID tags and barcodes using the following steps:

  1. Open the Google Play App store
  2. Download the Orca Scan mobile app
  3. Open Orca Scan and login or register
  4. Open the Settings application
    1. Select Key Programmer
    2. Select the key that has the description “GRIP_TRIGGER”
    3. Select “SYMBOL_RFID”
    4. Select Back
  5. To include barcode scanning (optional)
    1. From within the Key Programming menu
    2. Select the key that has the description “SCAN”
    3. Select “SCAN”
    4. This will use the wide yellow button just below the MC3300R’s screen.
  6. Open the RFID Manager application
    1. From the Status Page, Select Regulatory “>”
    2. Select the dropdown menu below Region
    3. Select Region
    4. Select Apply
  7. Open the DataWedge application
    1. Select Profile0
    2. If you desired barcode scanning above;
      1. Enable Barcode input
      2. Enable Hardware Trigger from the Barcode section
    3. Enable RFID input
      1. Enable Hardware Trigger
      2. Confirm the Reader selection sees an “MC3300R” device
      3. Enable Hardware Trigger
    4. Enable Keystroke output
      1. Set Inter character delay to 10 milliseconds
      2. Go to Basic data formatting
      3. Enable Send data
      4. Enable Send ENTER key

That’s it; you can now scan RFID tags using the grip trigger and, if applicable, scan barcodes using the yellow button just below the screen.

The above guide was completed using DataWedge version 8.2.211, RFID Manager application version, Android version 8.1.0, and Zebra Build number 02-52-21.00-OG-U05-STD. The above DataWedge & RFID Manager guide should work from U00 forward. If they do not, you need to upgrade the LifeGuard versions. In a known case, U05 was the only version that worked with RFID scanning.

Thank you to Ryan McCauley, Engineering Manager at Plastic Recycling, for producing this guide 🙏

Zebra MC3330R specs

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You can use the Zebra MC3330R to scan barcodes into the following systems:

We’re happy to help troubleshoot any issues using Orca Scan with the Zebra MC3330R, feel free to chat with us live or drop us an email.

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