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Using the Zebra RS5100 with Orca Scan

 Using the Zebra RS5100 with Orca Scan
Using the Zebra RS5100 with Orca Scan

The Symbol RS5100 (also known as the Zebra RS5100) Bluetooth Wearable Scanner is the ‘go-everywhere’ scanner built for enterprise solutions. It allows for hands-free scanning, optimising the productivity of your workforce.

Symbol RS5100 Specs

Symbol RS5100 setup guide

  1. Open the Google Play App store
  2. Download the Orca Scan mobile app
  3. Open Orca Scan and login or register
  4. Open Bluetooth Settings on your smartphone
  5. Hold the RS5100 near your smartphone or NFC-enabled device
  6. Now tap the ‘RS5100’ listed on your smartphone Bluetooth list to connect
  7. Launch the Orca Scan mobile app on your smartphone with your RS5100 connected.
  8. And that’s it! You can now scan barcodes using Orca Scan with the RS5100 🚀

We’d like to say a big thank you to James Fisher, Project Support Officer at Scan4Safety, who tried and tested the Zebra RS5100 scanner to confirm its compatibility with Orca Scan 🙏

Scan barcodes into the systems you love

You can now use the RS5100 to scan barcodes into the following systems:

As always, we’re happy to help troubleshoot any issues connecting Orca Scan to the Symbol RS5100. Feel free to chat with us live or drop us an email.

Zebra RS5100 related files

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