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Using the Zebra TC52-HC scanner with Orca Scan

Zebra TC52-HC barcode scanner for healthcare
Zebra TC52-HC barcode scanner for healthcare

The Zebra TC52-HC is a chemical resistant barcode scanner designed for 24/7 clinical use in healthcare environments.

Zebra TC52-HC specs

Zebra TC52-HC setup guide

To set up Orca Scan on the TC52 use the following steps

  1. Open the Google Play App store
  2. Download the Orca Scan mobile app
  3. Open Orca Scan and login or register
  4. Open the DataWedge app
    1. Using top-right menu, tap New profile
    2. Enter Orca Scan and tap OK
    3. Tap to open the Orca Scan profile
    4. Turn on Profile enabled
    5. Under Applications, tap Associated apps
    6. Using top-right menu, tap New app/activity
    7. Select com.orcascan.bulkbarcodescanner and then *
    8. Go back to the previous menu
    9. Scroll down to Barcode input
    10. Turn on Enabled
    11. Turn on Hardware Trigger
    12. Scroll down to Keystroke output
    13. Turn on Enabled
    14. Tap to open Key event options
    15. Turn on Send Characters as Events
    16. Turn on Send Control Characters as Events
    17. Go back to the previous menu
    18. Tap to open Basic data formatting
    19. Turn on Enabled
    20. Turn on Send data
    21. Turn on Send ENTER key
  5. Close the DataWedge app
  6. Open the Orca Scan app

You can now use the scan buttons on your Zebra TC52 to capture data.

Scan barcodes into the systems you love

You can now use the TC52 to scan barcodes into the following systems:

We’re happy to help troubleshoot any issues using Orca Scan with the Zebra TC52, feel free to chat with us live or drop us an email.

Zebra TC52-HC related files

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