Utku Kaleli photo


I have a diverse background, with Turkish, Bulgarian, and Pakistani roots. My love for basketball led me to play in Turkey and Northern Cyprus. Five years ago, I moved to Cambridge to learn English. Currently, I’m wrapping up my BSc in Finance with Economics at Anglia Ruskin University, set to graduate in May 2024. I’ve also gained practical experience during a placement at a London insurance firm, delving deep into quantitative and qualitative tasks.

Data fascinates me, which led me to a part-time role as a data analyst at Orca Scan. Visibility to data is important for making informed business decisions; hence, I enjoy simplifying data and streamlining reports. I’m enthusiastic about the path ahead!

Oh! - Also, I am always happy to join a chess game or go for a nice jog. My favourite study & work spot is Waterstones, you can join me anytime!