How to add users and manage permissions

You can add mobile users and team members to your sheets to help carry out the tracking. With the permissions, you can limit their access and protect information.

Adding users to sheets

A user is defined as one personalized email address (, which you can use to give them access to sheets and track activity.

Before you can add them they need an account. Here's a link to share which will take them to the app stores:

Where users will find the sheet

Once added to a sheet, they can find it in the sheet overview on their mobile device.

Where users will find sheets shared with them
Where users will find sheets shared with them

Selecting user permissions

There are three levels of permissions to choose from when adding a user.

Preview of permission options for users
Preview of permission options for users
Permission Description
If Update is OFF Users can still scan an item, pull down the data to their device, modify the values and export it as a spreadsheet, but they cannot send updates back to the cloud sheet.
If Update is ON Users can send back updates to the master sheet and add new rows to the sheet. They also get viewing access to the sheet from the web version.
If Admin is ON Users have update rights but can also edit items, export data and view the history log from the web app.
Owner permissions Only the owner of an account can change the columns, add users to sheets, import data and manage integrations.

If you only want users to modify select fields or hide fields altogether, read more about the field settings in the customization guide.

Track changes and activity

When a barcode is scanned and changes are made we automatically log them in the history log. Every record includes:

  • What action was carried out - an update or a created item.
  • A timestamp for when the barcode was scanned and the update was made.
  • The user ID and the device that was used to carry it out.
Viewing the transactions in the history log
Viewing the transactions in the history log

Read more about audit trails and traceability benefits.

Removing yourself from a sheet

You know all those sheets people keep adding you to? Well you can now remove yourself.

Just right click the sheet tab and hit Remove sheet 🎉.

How to remove yourself from a sheet
How to remove yourself from a sheet

Once done, you will no longer see the sheet that you were added to.

Next steps

Questions about users and permissions?

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