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How to track film and production assets with Orca Scan

Use Orca Scan to track and manage your film and production equipment
Use Orca Scan to track and manage your film and production equipment

With Orca Scan, you can create an effective digital inventory management system that will give you full control of your stock checks, allow you to capture accurate data and gain full visibility of your assets. Whether equipment has been sold, is on set around the country or is out on loan for the next week, you will know exactly where the item is and who has it with the touch of a button.

Learn how to use our Inventory Tracking Solution for your equipment tracking needs 👇

Problems with current asset tracking systems?

Let’s not beat around the bush: film and production equipment is expensive, and unfortunately, many companies are still using outdated tracking processes to monitor this. This usually includes a mixture of pen and paper checklists, manual data entry into spreadsheets, and hours and hours of staff time.

The problem with this is that businesses spend a lot of resources conducting inventory checks that are prone to human errors, leading to more time and money spent re-running checks. The solution? Try Orca Scan’s digital, cloud based management system that will give you full control, increase visibility of stock and improve efficiencies within your team.

Why should you track film and production equipment with Orca Scan?

Without an effective asset tracking solution in place, it is likely that your filming equipment could become lost, stolen or damaged, making it very challenging to operate a successful business.

However, with our fully customisable templates, you can maximise your sheets to meet your unique needs. This means users have the ability to add and remove columns and customise the functionalities by adding drop-down lists, photo fields, GPS locations of assets, add triggers to be notified when products are returned, damaged or low in stock, and much more.

How do you track film and production equipment with Orca Scan?

Orca Scan is a one stop shop for barcode tracking. By implementing Orca Scan’s Inventory Tracking Solution to solve your equipment tracking needs, you can take back full control of your assets.

Similarly, check quantities, locate stock at the touch of a button, generate and print barcodes for equipment identification, add photos to scans, check the history log for accuracy and see the estimated return date of your film and production equipment.

The Orca Scan app makes it simple to track equipment using a smartphone. The free Orca Scan mobile app is available on iOS (requires iOS 11+) and Android (6.0+) devices, so your workforce can easily use their own devices to get the job done 🚀 Simply scan the barcode, and all necessary information will be extracted and pushed into your chosen programme - Excel or Google Sheets - ready to save and share with the team 🙌

To get started:

  1. Download the Orca Scan barcode app on mobile, tablet, or scanner
  2. Create a new sheet using the Inventory Tracking Template
  3. Scan a barcode on a product
  4. Enter the quantity
  5. Add columns, like Location (optional extra)
  6. Save the changes

Start using our Inventory Tracking Solution here.

How to track equipment in multiple stores or locations

Orca Scan makes it easy for you to find the location of your assets once they have been scanned into your sheet, as well as an audit trail of the items’ entire journey so you can be confident about the whereabouts of your stock.

You can add GPS location to your sheet in six easy steps:

  1. Add a GPS location field
  2. Select GPS input type, i.e. GPS Location
  3. Capture GPS location
  4. View asset locations on the map
  5. View location history
  6. Get directions for users

You can also create a column named “Location” in your sheet, and add a drop-down list of options to choose from for each item including office, with customer, repair shop or warehouse. View our handy guide for more in depth instructions about this feature.

More questions on tracking film and production equipment with Orca Scan?

The Orca team have helped hundreds of companies implement a barcode inventory management system, often replacing outdated paper-based systems. So, if you need help brainstorming how best to track your assets or have any additional questions, please get in touch today 💛

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