How to share data between multiple sheets

Requires a Business subscription plan

With Data Sources, you can pull information into multiple Child sheets from one Master sheet of products, SKUs or items.

On scan, the app will search the data source for a match and if a match is found, it pulls the data down to the device and saves the new entries to the child sheet.

Let's go through how to set one up.

1. Open Integration settings

Opening the sheet integration menu
Showing the integration settings on sheet

Start by opening the Integration settings on the sheet you want to add the data source to.

2. Select Data Source

selecting a master sheet as data source
Selecting a master sheet as data source

Then click the drop-down icon and you'll see a list of all the sheets available to you. Pick the ones you want to query on scan.

3. Match the column names

identifying matching columns between child and parent sheet

Lastly, make sure that column names in your data source are identical to the column names that you want to pull data into.

In the image above, the VIN and Make columns match, but the Model and Model Year doesn't exist in the child sheet. As a result, only the data from the Make column will populate on the device when a matching VIN barcode is scanned, and the remaining fields will appear empty.

4. Save the changes

Save sheet integration settings

Finally, save the changes and you're done.

Questions about the Data Sources?

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