How to scan barcodes into Microsoft Excel

You can create a real-time link between a sheet in Orca Scan and Microsoft Excel from the web application. Data collected by users with the Orca Scan mobile app will then be pushed directly into your Excel sheets from anywhere in the world.

Requires a Business subscription plan


To get started, to your Orca Scan account and create a Cloud Sheet. Once you've done that, use the following 4 steps to set up the connection.

  1. Get the export link from your Orca sheet
  2. Navigate to the Get Data section in Excel
  3. Paste the export link
  4. Set the import frequency

Click Integrations Settings on the Sheet you want to set up.

Opening the sheet integration menu

Then Allow the Public URL access to activate the link and copy it to the clipboard.

Copying the Orca Scan unique sheet URL

3. Save updates in Orca

Finally, don't forget to save the updates on the integrations settings.

Saving the integration changes

Now, let's head over to Microsoft Excel...

4. Go to Get Data section in Microsoft Excel

Find the Get Data menu Hover over From Other Sources, and click From Web

Navigating to the Get Data section in Excel

The window below will surface - now paste the link from Orca Scan

Pasting the Export link in Excel

6. Approve import settings

Then connect with standard anonymous access (advanced: configure if needed)

Connecting Orca Scan export link to the Excel spreadsheet

7. Confirm and load data

Click Load

Microsoft Excel loading Orca Scan data

8. Set import frequency

You can configure how often Excel pulls data from Orca Scan.

Click the Refresh button to do it manually, as seen here:

Showing configuration for how often to pull scanned barcodes into Excel

URL export configurations

You can configure the data export by appending parameters to the URL, for example:

Function URL parameter
Change output format .html / .csv / .json / .xml
Include audit trail transactions=true
Include deltas for numeric columns deltas=true
Change date format datetimeformat=DD/MM/YYYY
Change time zone timezone=-03:00

Important: always use a ? before the first parameter and an & before each additional parameter, for example:

That's it!

Your Excel spreadsheet will now mirror everything in your Orca Sheet. So if you add, update or delete a row inside Orca Scan, Excel will pull those changes into your Excel Spreadsheet.

Showing all scanned barcodes in Excel

Important: Clearing your Orca Sheet will also clear the data from your Excel Spreadsheet.


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