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Crafting the Future of Work: Fulfilling Your Vision

As founders, CEOs, and CTOs, do you recall the days when you worked for someone else? Those mornings when you had something important to attend to before work but felt too rushed? Or those frustrating moments stuck in traffic, knowing you’d be late, with that familiar tension building in your stomach?

The company you’re building today has the power to change all of that. You have the opportunity to redefine the standards of how the future generation will work. So, I urge you to take a moment to reflect. What is the ideal work environment that you wish you had back then? Disregard any pressure from advisors or investors who insist that success can only be achieved by following the well-trodden path. If you had followed that path, there’s a good chance you wouldn’t be in the position you are now. So, engage with your team, the individuals helping you bring your vision to life. Learn about their lives and discover what works best for them. Build a company and culture you would have loved to be a part of back in the day.

In October 2022, we took a significant step by moving into our very first office space.

What is an Optional Office?

For us, establishing an office was not about compelling team members to be present every day but rather about creating a central hub from which we could gather to brainstorm and collaborate effectively.

Why Cambridge?

Orca Scan’s journey began in Cambridge, initially as a side project incubated within Cambridge Makespace, eventually evolving into a revenue-generating business with invaluable support from the Cambridge Judge Business School

Why Embrace a Remote-First Approach?

Before the era of COVID-19, I, like many others, believed that a fully remote team would innovate less. My scepticism stemmed from the misconception that impromptu brainstorming sessions were impossible without physical proximity. However, I was proven wrong. I had never truly explored alternative means of fostering creativity and collaboration until the pandemic forced us to do so.

What can it look like?

At Orca Scan, we’ve adopted a fully remote and flexible approach to working, encouraging the team to work the hours they need in the place that makes them feel the most productive. We’ve adopted an agile approach, working in short sprints to ensure we’re all achieving the same end goal.

Over the years, we’ve tried and tested multiple systems to help the team connect and brainstorm during the day. Tools like Slack, Notion and Spatial are essential for us to stay in touch and collaborate on tasks.

Each day is different, but working in a way that’s honest, transparent and with a willingness to help and ask for help means our team can live and work wherever they feel happiest.

Happy team, more productivity, better results.

What Lies Ahead?

We know that we haven’t figured it all out yet, and that’s part of the fun. We know that we’ll continue to make changes and decisions that create a company we’re proud to be a part of, and our next goal is to establish another Optional Office in the vibrant city of Malaga, Spain.

In your journey as a SaaS company, remember that the choices you make about your office culture and work environment can significantly impact your team’s satisfaction and productivity. Embrace the opportunity to craft a workplace that aligns with your values and the needs of your team, and you’ll be on the path to creating something truly exceptional.

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