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What is a GTIN?

A GTIN is a Global Trade Item Number and is used to identify any traded items within the global supply chain (including products bought online and in-store).

GTINs, sometimes called barcode numbers, are unique to each type of product.

The GTIN is a core component of GS1 barcodes. It is important to note that GS1 is the only authorised organisation responsible for issuing GTINs to organisations and businesses. GTINs are primarily used within barcodes, as shown below.

There are four main types of GTINs used around the world:

Is a GTIN the same as a barcode?

No. A GTIN is a unique number that identifies trade products worldwide. A barcode is the visual, machine-readable representation of the data contained, allowing barcode scanners and machines to read and identify these products.

Barcodes are commonly made up of black bars and white spaces, whilst the data contained, typically the GTIN, can be seen underneath the barcode image in human readable text.

Can I create my own GTIN?

In order to create a GTIN for trade products, you must be a GS1 member to obtain the unique GS1 Company Prefix from which all your GTINs will be created. Members of GS1 UK can manage all their GTINs online in their Numberbank.

Do all products need a GTIN barcode?

Globally, a huge number of retailers require GTINs for the products they sell, and increasingly online sellers that want to trade on online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon will now need to include a product identifier in their listings. They sometimes ask for an EAN (European Article Number) or UPC (Universal Product Code) rather than a GTIN, but they are the same identifiers.

The data structures of these GTINS are shown above.

How is a GTIN used on Google?

Google uses the GTIN attribute to help make your ad or unpaid listing easier for customers to find. If products are posted online without any product information, it is harder for Google to classify them as they may not be eligible for all shopping programs or features online.

How do I extract data from a GTIN barcode?

Orca Scan Variables make it easy to extract data from a barcode value and move it to another field. Simply add a variable as a default value to one of your fields and scan a barcode. To get started, follow this simple step-by-step guide.

What if I need to track other items?

Orca Scan is a fully customisable one-stop platform for all things barcodes! So, if you want to be sure that your assets will be tracked efficiently and effectively, look no further. We have a range of out-of-the-box solutions to help you get started, from Inventory Tracking to Cycle Counting and Fire Extinguisher Inspections.

Furthermore, Orca Scan is a GS1 UK-approved barcode tracking app that is compatible with any Apple or Android device, including DataLogic, Honeywell and Zebra barcode scanners.

Download the free Orca Scan app, or visit the website and scan any barcode to get started today 🚀

How do I track my GTIN barcodes?

Orca Scan allows you to keep track of your product inventory all in one place, using our handy Inventory Tracking Solution to keep all your product data secure. This solution contains all the required fields to roll out an inventory management system in minutes. What’s even better is that you can customise it to your needs with additional fields that can be added to capture more information as needed.

View our helpful Inventory Tracking Solution guide to get started and track your GTIN barcodes.

Any questions?

If you have any more questions about scanning GTIN barcodes or any other barcode, get in touch with the team today. We’d be more than happy to help you on your barcode scanning journey!

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