Orca Scan Data Processing Agreement

Orca Scan’s Data Processing Agreement (DPA) is based on the Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC) of the EU Commission. We have chosen this agreement because it is a well-known and authorised standard by the European Data Protection Board.


Orca Scan works with service providers who provide infrastructure and services to support our apps. This means that some of your information is processed by these service providers. To ensure that our data security and privacy policies are up to standard, we require all of our service providers to meet similar standards. By using our apps, you agree to the use of service providers and their processing of data.

We will ensure this list is kept up-to-date as the needs of our business evolve, whilst also striving to uphold the highest possible standards of security and privacy.

Name Service Country Agreements
Plausible Website analytics EU Plausible DPA
DataDog Application monitoring EU DataDog DPA
Stripe Payments USA Stripe DPA
Intercom Support chat USA Intercom DPA
AWS Data Storage USA AWS DPA
Digital Ocean Hosting USA Digital Ocean DPA
Mixpanel Product analytics USA Mixpanel DPA
Baremetrics Subscription analytics USA Baremetrics DPA
Notion Internal communications USA Notion DPA
Slack Internal communications USA Slack DPA
Canny Product feedback USA Canny DPA
TypeForm Bug reports, feature requests USA TypeForm DPA
Customer IO Email services USA Customer IO DPA
MongoDB Cloud database provider USA MongoDB DPA
BugSnag Application monitoring USA BugSnag DPA
SendGrid Email services USA SendGrid DPA

Data Processing Agreement questions?

We want to be sure the service we provide to you is as safe and secure as possible. If you require any additional information that is not covered above, please chat with us live or email hello@orcascan.com

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