Orca Scan do Walker-Scan

Orca Scan, with the input of three NHS Sustainability Teams in London, the London Procurement Partnership, and GS1 UK healthcare team are trialing a Walking Aid tracking solution that will help hospitals improve and expand their existing NHS return and reuse schemes.


Orca Scan simplify barcode tracking.

With over 300k users globally, Orca’s mission is to make barcode tracking technology available to all, regardless of technical ability or budget.

As a proud GS1 UK Partner, Orca Scan is incorporating innovative QR codes powered by GS1 into their NHS solution, so that patients and families in the community can scan a QR code on the walking aid with a smartphone to instantly see how and where to return the walking aid. This knowledge and call to action will increase the number of walking aids returned for reuse.

As part of Orca Scan’s commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, the Orca Team have given each NHS Trust a ready-to-use template which allows NHS staff involved in the procurement and distribution of walking aids to iterate their current workflows and track the management of the distribution and location of walking aids to patients — in real-time.

Orca Scan’s walking aid tracking solution will

For more information on this new initiative, contact Tim Hill via email: tim@orcascan.com

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