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Orca Scan feature in Accelerate Cambridge Alumnus Newsletter

Photo of Orca Scan team at University of Cambridge
Photo of Orca Scan team at University of Cambridge

Orca Scan has been featured in the University of Cambridge Judge Business School newsletter and website regarding the upcoming release of the new barcode innovation, Digital Link, in collaboration with GS1.

John Doherty, Founder and CEO, explained: “GS1 Digital Link will have a massive impact on retail and supply chains by giving trillions of products globally a unique web address. It will eliminate consumers’ reliance on search engines for product information, eradicate the need for brands to send product details to retailers via spreadsheets, and negate the pre-reloading of databases with product data in POS and WMS systems. We’re excited to bring Orca Scan’s hyper-focus on simplicity to accelerate its adoption.”

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