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How to use QR codes for contact tracing

A smartphone scanning a QR code
A smartphone scanning a QR code

Quick and simple to use and set up, your visitors simply scan a QR code with their smartphone on entry and complete a short, secure, smart form.

Whether you’re managing an office building, conference centre, café or restaurant; we’ll help you keep on top of who has visited your premises, when, why and for how long. The data can then be pushed or pulled to your favourite programs such as Excel or Google Sheets, enabling you to maintain compliant records across multiple sites.

Orca Scan gives you the visibility to control the challenges of security and track and trace.

What is contact tracing?

According to the WHO Global Team at The World Health Organization:

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, contact tracing has become a part of everyday life with the primary goal of helping track and trace individuals who may have been exposed to an individual who has been infected with the novel coronavirus.

Why is contact tracing important?

To maintain control in a pandemic, various measures are taken to help flatten the curve of infection and reduce pressure on healthcare providers. Businesses that are open to the public, in line with national guidelines, must be able to provide contact details of people visiting their premises in case they may have been in contact with somebody who tested positive for COVID-19. This allows health agencies to contact those at risk and advise them of the correct steps to take, such as to self-isolate for 14-days.

How do you use a smartphone and QR codes for contact tracing?

With Contactless Forms, Orca Scan makes it very easy to provide an effective contact tracing solution for any business. In a matter of minutes, business owners can create a simple visitor check-in process that:

How do you carry out contact tracing at multiple locations?

A global map showing how contract tracing can be carried out at multiple locations
A global map showing how contract tracing can be carried out at multiple locations

Simply create separate Orca Scan sheets for each premises or location, then display your Contactless Poster in the appropriate place. Now visitors can:

Problems with existing contact tracing solutions

Whilst there are other contact tracing solutions available, there are a number of potential issues that have been found such as:

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