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How Ntsama connects to customers using GS1 Digital Link

Made from only the finest and hottest locally sourced Scotch Bonnet chillies, Joyce Gannon, founder of Ntsama, produces a range of hand-prepared chilli sauces and oils using a secret recipe handed down to her by Cameroonian friend Mama Ntsama.

When Joyce discovered the potential of GS1’s new standard, Digital Link, she knew it was the answer to future-proofing her business. Since being a part of the pilot scheme, she’s already seen a massive increase in brand engagement and sales. Here’s how it works 👇

The Challenges

Joyce sells her products at markets and food festivals across the country, and each day, she gets asked the same questions: “What is the best way to use this…?” and “Is this sauce allergen friendly?” She realised that she was missing a huge opportunity to share the story of her brand and recipe ideas alongside ingredients, allergens and nutritional information due to the limited space on product labels and packaging.

I want to give my customers the full story and bring the Ntsama experience to life. I can do that with Digital Link
Joyce GannonFounderNtsama

Additionally, she didn’t want to continually re-design and print expensive labels with new information, especially with information requirements changing to comply with new regulations.

Joyce needed a digital solution to bring her products to life in an engaging, professional and cost-effective way that improved her customer experience beyond directing them to a website or printing single-use handouts.

The Solution

Joyce turned to Orca Scan and GS1 UK to implement an innovative solution to bring her closer to customers and improve the sales process.

When I scanned a digital link for the first time, it took me to the landing page where all the information was in that one place… I said yes, this is what I’ve been looking for, I want this
Joyce GannonFounderNtsama

Using Digital Link QR codes, Joyce can provide a platform for customers to engage with the Ntsama brand at the point of sale and at home. By simply placing a unique Digital Link QR code on every sauce, oil, and jelly, customers can easily scan to access a Ntsama-branded product bio landing page.

This landing page includes information on ingredients, allergy advice, recipe ideas, and links to social media, all in Joyce’s brand colours. With one scan, customers can find accurate and consistent answers to all their questions without Joyce needing to create additional materials and flyers.

It’s so easy to go onto the Orca platform and make any changes I need; I can add or take away, highlight promotions… it works well with my website and what I’m trying to achieve for the brand
Joyce GannonFounderNtsama

The Orca Scan GS1 Digital Link Solution has also allowed Joyce to continuously update and monitor the links available to customers without changing the product packaging, saving her even more time, money and resources.

Has the solution been successful?

Using the innovative GS1 Digital Link standard and Orca Scan’s GS1 Digital Link solution, Ntsama has stood out, creating the perfect opportunity to connect to its customers through an online community. Ntsama has also seen a considerable increase in the number of people excited by the brand, which has increased brand loyalty and sales.

We put our heart and soul into the businesses we do. We love what we do and want people to see that passion in our products. With Digital Link, they can see it all in one place
Joyce GannonFounderNtsama

Ntsama’s implementation of GS1 Digital Link with GS1 UK and Orca Scan has enhanced the customer experience and allowed Ntsama to connect with customers in a way that was impossible before.

Joyce is already planning to deepen this connection by sharing more of the Ntsama story and introducing content around the journey of her chillies from source to saucepan so customers can genuinely connect with the product they are consuming, with full traceability.

Ntsama’s chilli oil has a unique and unforgettable taste. I can now complement that taste with a unique and innovative digital experience
Joyce GannonFounderNtsama

But this is just the beginning of the journey for Ntsama. Armed with GS1 Digital Link, Joyce believes she has stepped towards future-proofing her brand and achieving her vision of selling through new verticals and markets.

Thank you 🙏

Thank you to Joyce for participating in the Orca Scan GS1 Digital Link solution pilot, we can’t wait to see where Ntsama goes next!

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