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How Signature Aviation elevated efficiency with Orca Scan 🛫

Signature Aviation, the world’s largest fixed-base operation (FBO) and distribution network for business aviation services transformed its annual stock takes across 160 global locations. The result? A remarkable increase in data accuracy and a staggering 66% boost in efficiency 👏

Let’s delve into the details 👇

The Challenge: Simplify time-consuming stock takes

Signature Aviation must conduct an annual stocktake at all their aviation bases worldwide to ensure they have an accurate record of all equipment available at each location. The process would require the teams to manually record all equipment on pen and paper 📝, log it onto the computer system and send it over to another team for checking. It could take the teams anywhere from 3 days to a week to complete, as long as no mistakes or errors were found.

If the equipment were recorded incorrectly, missing, not in stock or at the wrong location, changes would have to be made, resulting in even more staff time and resources.

What a phenomenal find Orca Scan was
Donald BrookshireGSE MGRSignature Aviation

A little bit of context: Meet Donald, GSE MGR, at Signature Aviation

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Signature Aviation operates at more than 200 locations across the United States, Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. Signature’s services include fuelling, hangar and office rentals, ground handling, maintenance and a wide range of crew and passenger amenities.

Donald Brookshire is the GSE MGR at Signature Aviation, responsible for overseeing ground support equipment teams across 60 bases in the US.

One of his many responsibilities is undertaking an annual stock take at each base to ensure all equipment is accounted for. Donald was looking for a time-saving solution when he was recommended Orca Scan… and since implementation, the team have never looked back 🚀

I love Orca Scan; it’s a great system to use
Donald BrookshireGSE MGRSignature Aviation

How Orca Scan provides a solution: to reduce time spent per annual stock take

Donald and his team adopted Orca Scan’s Inventory Tracking solution to transform their annual stock take.

Equipment is scanned and logged in the Orca sheet by members of Donald’s team and then exported into an Excel spreadsheet where they can view their scanned lists against the company’s asset register. This allows them to highlight any equipment that doesn’t match or is missing from the log.

In one instance, the team discovered a piece of equipment worth $60,000 on location that hadn’t been added to the asset register, and they were able to rectify and add it to the list so that it could be maintained correctly.

Orca Scan is a great platform to use
Donald BrookshireGSE MGRSignature Aviation

By providing the team with a more efficient scanning process, they can complete annual stock checks with faith that the data is correct and accurate. This, in turn, saves Donald and the team time and money by saving resources previously used to check and correct any mistakes.

Has the solution been successful?

Since implementing Orca Scan, Signature Aviation has achieved 100% visibility of its stock and equipment in each location. The solution is faster and significantly more accurate than their outdated pen-and-paper method.

The team have also seen a massive increase in efficiency. What previously took two to three days and an extra week for data checks now only requires a single day with no additional verifications- that’s a 66% increase in efficiency!

Orca Scan has been really good for us
Donald BrookshireGSE MGRSignature Aviation

Furthermore, since implementing Orca Scan, Donald has been able to document all equipment at each base and match it up to the company’s original asset register, leading to the recovery of a $60,000 asset overlooked in previous stock checks.

A transformation that has seen tangible results 🙌

Thank you

We wanted to say a huge thank you to Donald and the team at Signature Aviation for sharing their story of how implementing Orca Scan has soared your stock takes to new heights! We are very grateful 🙏

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