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WheyBetter QR codes

WHEYBETTER® are on a mission to change the way we enjoy our favourite confectionery, with ‘protein packed, no-added sugar chocolate bars infused with specific vitamins blends to suit your lifestyle needs!’

With innovation at the heart of WheyBetter, they pride themselves on being ahead of the curve and constantly looking for innovations they can adopt into the brand and their products. That’s why introducing the latest barcode, QR codes powered by GS1, on their packaging was a no-brainer.

Here’s how it works👇

The Challenges

From years of research and planning, Mark realised the protein bar market was becoming saturated with brands trying to taste more like a traditional chocolate bar, whilst the likes of Cadburys and Galaxy were trying to be healthier by reducing the amount of sugar in their products and what people really craved was simply a healthier, more nutritionally balanced chocolate bar! Clearly, there was a market gap!

Inspired by groundbreaking brands like Halo Top, which changed the ice cream industry and shopping habits of health-conscious shoppers simultaneously, Mark knew he could create similar disruption in the confectionary aisle.

We wanted to be ahead of the curve with everything, even our barcodes
Mark MillardFounderWheyBetter
WHEYBETTER® Protein white chocolate bar
WHEYBETTER® Protein white chocolate bar

A little bit of context

North Yorkshire-based brand WHEYBETTER® was launched in March 2023 by founder Mark to create a healthier, nutritionally balanced and functional chocolate bar that tastes as good as it looks 🚀 Mark and his small team (there are just 3 of them!), encourage a balanced lifestyle, and want customers to understand the importance of this too.

Life is about balance, so wear your halo off-centre!
Mark MillardFounderWheyBetter

They want to see customers reaching for a “WheyBetter” chocolate bar when scouring the shelves for their afternoon sweet treat or Saturday night Netflix snack. Whilst indulging in their new favourite treat, they can enjoy a guilt-free, protein-packed, no-added sugar chocolate bar that tastes delicious and supports their lifestyle needs with a unique blend of vitamins and minerals.

The Solution

After only one year, WheyBetter has melted customers’ hearts with their delectable chocolate bars, and they’re not stopping anytime soon. The team were at the Bread & Jam Festival in 2023 when they first saw GS1-powered QR codes and Orca Scan’s solution in action on Hillfarm, Jux, Ntsama and Oh Lily products. Mark knew embracing GS1 Digital Link could future-proof his brand and give WheyBetter an edge, so he turned to Orca Scan’s GS1 Digital Link solution.

We were able to pivot quickly and future-proof the brand with the new QR codes
Mark MillardFounderWheyBetter
WheyBetter chocolate bar packaging contains new QR codes powered by GS1
WheyBetter chocolate bar packaging contains new QR codes powered by GS1

Orca Scan’s GS1 Digital Link solution allows the team to create QR codes, that direct the user to a unique web page for each product, providing further links for customers to use and explore more of the brand.

Sharing the website links was the main thing for us, to show customers where we are stocked and where they can repurchase our chocolate bars
Mark MillardFounderWheyBetter

With a simple scan on a smartphone (no app required!), WheyBetter customers are taken to a unique product page that shares unique, in-depth product information, ingredients and allergen information, the WheyBetter origin story and the opportunity to connect on social media and re-purchase their favourite chocolate bars. The best part? The team can update the unique webpage and the information shared with their customers at any time with promotions, recipes, ingredient updates and more without the need for packaging redesigns 🎉

There are so many options we can do with GS1 Digital Link
Mark MillardFounderWheyBetter
Example of WheyBetter’s GS1 Digital Link unique webpage.
Example of WheyBetter’s GS1 Digital Link unique webpage.

Has the solution been successful?

The team have experienced a straightforward onboarding process with the GS1 UK and Orca Scan teams, from initially signing up for the solution to incorporating the QR codes powered by GS1 onto their product packaging. Whilst it is very early for the team to gain customer feedback, the excitement from customers is palpable when the team explains the meaning behind the QR codes and what they can explore by giving them a scan.

Initially, QR codes powered by GS1 are only featured on a few of WheyBetter’s existing products, but Mark and the team are working hard to get them on every product so they can reach consumers, engage with shoppers and understand their habits more. This will provide the team with crucial data-driven feedback directly from the consumer, which they can use to develop the brand further.

I can’t see any negatives to it; you’re only gaining from utilising QR codes powered by GS1 and the Orca Scan solution
Mark MillardFounderWheyBetter

Thank you

Thank you to Mark and the team for sharing your story of transitioning to the new GS1 Digital Link Standard with our solution. We can’t wait to continue seeing your customers scanning away 📲

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