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Orca Scan partners with GS1 UK to accelerate GS1 Digital Link adoption

JUX Food GS1 Digital Link Solution page.
JUX Food GS1 Digital Link Solution page.

For over 50 years, the traditional barcode has been a staple in the retail industry. However, it’s set to be phased out by 2027 as the next generation of GS1 QR codes takes centre stage. This new standard, GS1 Digital Link, is beginning to be rolled out globally, and you could be a part of it.

GS1 Digital Link is a new barcode standard from GS1 that will connect trillions of products globally to the internet, by giving each product its own unique web address and home page that can be modified in real-time.

Every product with a GS1 GTIN will be assigned a new unique QR code. When consumers point their smartphone camera (no app required) at the QR code, they will be presented with a web page containing videos, recipe ideas, ingredients, sustainability and recycling information:

An example of the Orca Scan’s GS1 Digital Link landing page
An example of the Orca Scan’s GS1 Digital Link landing page

Regardless of the size of your product label, consumers can easily scan and access your brand story, purchase directly from you and even connect with you on social media. It’s a direct connection between the customer and the brand.

GS1 Digital Link will revolutionise the shopping experience. By joining our pilot programme, you will have beta access to solutions created by the Orca team to accelerate the adoption of GS1 Digital Link. Your feedback will have a direct impact on the Orca Scan solution for our entire user base.

Ntsama, Hillfarm Oils and JUX Food products with GS1 Digital Link barcodes.
Ntsama, Hillfarm Oils and JUX Food products with GS1 Digital Link barcodes.

For the past 7 years, the Orca team has worked with over 300,000 users globally to simplify barcode technology. We are convinced GS1 Digital Link is revolutionary, but its inherent complexity has slowed mass adoption. The lessons learned from working closely with users can help simplify the migration to Digital Link and in doing so, help accelerate the adoption of this important new standard.

GS1 Digital Link will have a massive impact on retail and supply chains by giving trillions of products globally a unique web address. It will eliminate consumers’ reliance on search engines for product information, eradicate the need for brands to send product details to retailers via spreadsheets, and negate the pre-reloading of databases with product data in POS and WMS systems. We’re excited to bring Orca Scan’s hyper-focus on simplicity to accelerate its adoption
John DohertyCEOOrca Scan

Over the past few months, we’ve had the pleasure of working closely with brands to improve the upcoming Orca Scan Digital Link solution. We’re seeing positive results, but don’t just take our word for it….

Hillfarm Oils

The Orca team visited Clare (co-founder) and the team at Hillfarm Oils to learn how the new GS1 powered QR code was helping their business.

It’s enabled us to reach our customers far easier than before… We have a lot of information to share, and we’re proud of having a new way to introduce our story and promotions to our customers
Clare FairsCo-FounderHillfarm Oils

Ntsama’s chilli oil and sauces

The Orca team had the pleasure of talking with Joyce (founder) about the impact of GS1 Digital Link on her business.

We put our heart and soul into the businesses we do. We love what we do and want people to see that passion in our products. With Digital Link, they can see it all in one place
Joyce GannonFounderNtsama

You can read more GS1 Digital Link customer stories here.

Yes, simply point your smartphones camera at the QR code below to visit the product page for one of our pilot members JUX Food.

JUX Food GS1 Digital Link solution page and Digital Link QR code
JUX Food GS1 Digital Link solution page and Digital Link QR code

Interested in joining the pilot programme?

No need. The Orca Scan GS1 Digital Link solution is now live to all our members, follow the GS1 Digital Link step-by-step guide to get started.

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