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How MSN Air Service streamlined air cargo tracking

MSN Air Service, based in JFK airport, provide services for domestic and international air carriers.
MSN Air Service, based in JFK airport, provide services for domestic and international air carriers.

The problem…

MSN Air Service, an aviation services company at JFK airport, provide outsourced services for domestic and international air carriers.

As a small company, they used a pen and paper inventory system. While this offered flexibility during times of business growth, it quickly became time-consuming with inventory tracking taking up to 8 hours ⏱

Kiran Chandrapaul, a Logistics Analyst, was brought in to help streamline their operations.

A little bit of context…

In January 2021, MSN Air Service had a significant increase in the number of shipments they received, processing up to 1000 per day. With this rapid growth, their pen and paper system struggled to cope 📝

They needed to innovate and find a solution that maintained flexibility but also increased efficiency and reduced business costs.

How has Orca Scan provided a solution?

Orca Scan allowed MSN Air Service to digitalise their inventory, create clearly defined areas in the warehouse and track shipments coming in and out of the airport… without a piece of paper in sight.

Orca has been a major tool for me, everywhere I go I see a new implementation for it
Kiran ChandrapaulLogistics AnalystMSN Air Service

Using Orca Scan, each incoming pallet is scanned as it comes off the plane and again once it’s broken down into shipments and stored for collection.

For exports, each shipment is scanned on arrival and placed into the warehouse to be loaded onto pallets, where it is scanned again before being put on the plane.

We use and depend on Orca Scan 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…as every hour there is a new flight with new cargo arriving at our facility
Kiran ChandrapaulLogistics AnalystMSN Air Service

Orca Scan is also used to conduct a daily inventory, providing accurate locations of each shipment, both incoming and outgoing. If a parcel is missing, damaged or stolen, CCTV systems can be checked knowing the time it was last scanned and by whom from the timestamp.

The daily scan highlights any discrepancies in the inventory, such as cargo that has been delivered to the wrong place or from an airline they don’t work with. Kiran is currently working to simplify this process, implementing rules that notify warehouse managers if an incorrect barcode is scanned.

Using Excel integration, Kiran sends a weekly report to head office, outlining what’s come in, what’s gone out, what pallets are still at JFK and from which airlines. As all the data is updated in real-time, he can do this remotely, without the need to travel to the warehouse – further reducing business costs.

Has the solution been successful?

The implementation of Orca Scan has reduced the amount of time it takes to locate parcels from 8 hours to just under one hour - without needing to re-train the workforce 🚀

We couldn’t fathom using an inventory system like Orca Scan to help our business grow but after we implemented it and knew what it can do, we literally depend on it every day
Kiran ChandrapaulLogistics AnalystMSN Air Service

Orca Scan is proud to have provided a solution that is flexible, efficient, reduced business costs and gave MSN Air Services more time to focus on what’s important… exceeding expectations! We look forward to developing our relationship as we continue to shape its success at JFK and beyond.

Thank You

Thank you to MSN Air Services for sharing their story and a BIG thank you to Kiran whose continuous feedback has played a vital role in the evolution of Orca Scan. We are very grateful 🙏

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