Customizing the entry fields

The columns in Cloud Sheets directly mirrors the entry fields in the mobile app, so you can remotely add, edit and customize them by modifying the columns. No coding needed.

Field types

When adding fields, you can specify the field type.

Each type has different attributes. For instance, Number fields have plus/minus buttons, you can pre-define the options with Drop-down lists and some fields have the 'auto' generation element - like the Date (automatic) and GPS (automatic) fields.

Selecting field types in the web app
Selecting field types in the web app

Field settings

The settings and rules that we can apply to the fields control how they behave inside the mobile app. Here's a list of them all:

Setting How it works
Hidden Hides the field from mobile users
Read only The field is greyed out and mobile users are unable to edit the value.
Required Users must provide a value to save and continue.
Auto focus Upon scan, the app will go to this field and open the keyboard to prepare for entry.
Auto select value Will mark an existing value with the cursor to quickly delete or overwrite.
Use value in list Will show these values in the main list of items. Often, people will use descriptions rather than the actual barcode numbers.

Next steps

Questions about configuring the fields?

We're always happy to help, chat with us live or drop us an email.