Using Orca Scan with hardware scanners

Whether it's smartphones or dedicated hardware scanners, Orca Scan makes it possible to provide your entire workforce with access to back-office data - from any device.

Orca Scan approved hardware scanners

The following devices have been tried and tested by our engineers:

If your device is not listed above but supports HID keyboard emulation, it should work with Orca Scan out of the box. If not, our engineers may need to write custom software to support that device. You can request support for a particular device below.

Request a device integration

Our goal is for Orca Scan to work with all devices, from smartphones to industrial hardware scanners and everything in between. If you have a device that does not work with Orca Scan, let us know the make and model and we'll do our best to add support for that device in a future release.

Do you sell dedicated barcode scanners?

No, we do not sell hardware scanners, but we do work closely with a number of manufacturers to ensure Orca works with their equipment and should be able to connect you with a reseller if needed.

Questions about hardware scanners?

Whilst we don't sell barcode scanners, our engineers are familiar with the various models on the market and are happy to recommend the best fit for your needs, book a free implementation call to discuss this further.