Getting started with the mobile app

Orca Scan makes it easy to build a barcode system without expensive hardware or complex coding, using just smartphones. The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android.

Scanning barcodes
Scanning barcodes
Adding details
Adding details
Viewing list of items
Viewing list of items

Scanning barcodes

The app can read all major barcode and QR codes using the devices camera. Once you scan a barcode, a detail screen will appear allowing you to enter data such as descriptions, quantities, location GPS or time stamps. You can optionally use Orca Scan with Hardware Barcode Scanners.

Step 1: Scanning barcode
Scan barcode
Step 2: Adding details
Add details & save

Barcodes types

The Orca Scan barcode app recognises all major industrial barcodes types (also known as symbologies). The mobile app can be installed on any Android or iOS device. It can also be installed on dedicated hardware scanners.

Barcode Type Android iOS Hardware / Bluetooth scanner
QR Code check manual
Data Matrix check manual
UPC A check manual
UPC E check manual
EAN 8 check manual
EAN 13 check manual
Code 39 check manual
Code 93 check manual
Code 128 check manual
ITF check manual
PDF417 check manual
Aztec check manual

Exporting data

You can export the data from Orca Scan in a variety of formats including Microsoft Excel, CSV, JSON, HTML or XML. You can export the data using:

  • Email / SMS / WhatsApp
  • Dropbox, Google Drive, Box
  • Sync automatically using shared cloud sheets
Step 1: Tapping export to share
Tap Export to share
Step 2: Exporting via email
Exporting via email

Customizing fields

The data entry fields mirror the columns in the exported Sheet. They're fully configurable - simply add, edit or delete fields to capture the data you need.

Step 1: Tap cogwheel
Tap cogwheel
Step 2: choose name and field type
Choose field type

Add new fields in four steps

  1. Tap the cogwheel and Add field.
  2. Pick a name for the field.
  3. Choose a type, like GPS or quantity.
  4. Apply settings if needed.

To centrally customize fields across devices, visit on your computer.

How sheets work

Orca Scan was designed around the concept of a spreadsheet, each sheet acts as a separate database with custom data entry fields you define. The data entry fields become columns in the exported spreadsheet. There are two types of sheets:

Local sheets

Local sheets were designed for individuals, they are created on the device and the data is stored locally - not shareable with others.

Cloud sheets

Cloud sheets were created for teams, they are created using the Orca Scan web application. The data is stored in the cloud, allowing hundreds of users to synchronise data between devices and optionally pull that data into the systems they love.

Best practices

1. Using continuous scan mode for bulk scanning

If you only need to capture the barcodes you can save time by enabling the continuous scan mode, which automatically saves items and removes the need to tap save. Find it under settings.

2. Pinning values to repeat entries on scan

When scanning barcodes in batches (like locations or consignments) you should only enter the common value once and automatically repeat it on all the following scans.

Pinning a value to a field lets you do this.

Next steps

Questions about the mobile app?

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